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I'm tired of all those people saying "I don't believe in evolution because [insert random creationist crap here]". (And creationism includes all that "Intelligent Design" stuff, hope it's obvious)
You can't say "I believe/don't believe in evolution", because, well, it's not a matter of belief. :roll:
People who reject evolution most often simply have no idea what it is about and that's rather sad.

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I don't believe in macro evolution, because it's yet to be undeniably proven.

Though that mainly is because the idea that macro evolution, displaces or disproves God, has been lauded as true by various anti Christian groups, beliefs, and/or individuals.

Which it doesn't, even if it's processes are proven to have been occurring since Creation.

(Micro Evolution, like that behind Dog Breeding and such. Is Proven. -->But it doesn't automatically mean that a single organism could have "evolved" into every form of life in existence. Nor does that explain how life would have come to be, without some form of outside interaction. )

Honestly speaking, God could've created Creation with evolution in progress. Or recreated it like that after the Flood.

So I don't get the fuss. It's not like people are trying to make evolution a New Version of Christianity or something, Right?🤔~🤨