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Velociraptors and mahakalas.

It was meant to be just a sketch, but I ended up adding more details eventually:P

The background was referenced.

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are we sure you didnt just go back in time with a camera? o.O
these are really good
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What are they eating?
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It's a protoceratops.
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Nice design. I would personally give them thicker necks, duller colors and thinner lips, but that's just how I draw them.
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I love the choice of colors you chose for the raptors, (I don't know if this is correct, but I love the details of the females' plumage coloration being brown and tan unlike the male's bright and blue-tints plumage - Nice touch!), and the addition of feathers make them all look glorious <3
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Looks better than a lot of museum displays I've seen :D

By the way do velociraptors prefer light meat or dark meat...and what sort of wine do you serve with dinosaur?
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Just awesome!
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Looks really great! Love the detail on the dinosaurs and how the background looks so cool!
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Beautiful scene - loev the colours
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Really first rate picture . Just a thought though , I imagine thier arm feathers being able to easily blend in with back ground with the underside being very bright and colorful when held up for mating displays .
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That's one of the best Velociraptors I've seen! Reminds me of James Gurney.
DSil's avatar
Beautiful! I love the warm palette.
hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
Wow... I can't help but getting a feel of Charles R. Knight in it.
Very good, very natural. Less of a "prehistoric beast" and more of an "animal in its environment" work. Much like all the good paleoart should be.
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Great job!
I love it
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whey I read that Velociraptors probably had feathers. I died a little.
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Hahaha you say it was meant to be a SKETCH...?
Gosh I wish I would end up more ofte to make such amazing pieces when I just wanna sketch something... *____*
I love those sharp yet ..."picturesque" strokes like they were made with real brush...
That I always loved to see from digital artists, and prefer over smoothed details. This kees the picture so fresh and alive... :heart:
Apsaravis's avatar
Thanks a lot! :hug: Personally, I feel the same about painterliness in digital pictures.
Overly smoothed and polished paintings often look too plastic or dead:)
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Nice! It's like an updated Charles R. Knight painting
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This looks like a museum diorama. Absolutely incredible work.
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This is incredible!
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thats awesome! I thought it was a model at first!
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awesome color treatment and background, nice design!
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