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citipati with chicks

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I totally re-drew a sketch posted in my journal some time ago ([link]) and added some colours. It's kinda continuation of Citipati and Shuvuuia. Citipati is a bit different, the head shape is more correct now:)

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First of all, let me tell you I love your artwork.

The reason of this commentary is that I'm a mexican paleontologist and I was invited to give a TEDx lecture. I like your image very much, and I like to use it in my slides. I want to ask your permission to use it and give you the proper credit (for that, you can send me a message with the name you prefer I use).

Thanks for your time.

You can find me in Facebook under the user name "Roberto Díaz Sibaja".

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It looks really good, too!
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EbervaliusHobbyist General Artist
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IlorisStudent Artist
oh beautiful can i make she as my character?
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OsmatarProfessional General Artist
This is a beautiful piece in its own right, but what really struck me is how amazingly familiar this scene is. Three oviraptorosaur chicks (although I think i see a fourth one) and an adult at the nest, small deinonychosaur watching from further away. If you flipped the perspective behind the deinonychosaur, it could almost be a scene from the dinosaur storybook I did ten years ago. And I know for a fact that it's a total coincidence because I've never shown that illustration online!
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DSilStudent General Artist
Nice. I like the contrast, makes the figure really pop out.
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diana6echoHobbyist General Artist
o łał.. to jest piękne
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El-Moppo Digital Artist
I Loves It! :D <3 :)
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Damn, you are a good artist. ^^
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JazzLizardProfessional Digital Artist
This is brilliant work, but I think the babies want to go play with that raptor ;)
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Beautiful! I love it.
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SlugozaurHobbyist General Artist
Jak widać Twój rys. nie tylko robi furorę na Digarcie...!

Prawie 6,5 tys. odwiedzin...?! Nie za dużo :-D ?

a na serio jestes jedna z nielicznych osób, które rysują w ógole "paleoart" na scenie polskiej/digarcie...

i wychodzi Ci to naprawdę nieźle :-) !

Widać musisz je naprawdę lubić(tak jak i ja;) ) Tak trzymaj !

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ApsaravisHobbyist Digital Artist
Dzi?ki!:) Z Polaków rysuj?cych paleo tu na dA znam jeszcze tylko ~Kahless28, polecam:D
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SlugozaurHobbyist General Artist
Dzieki za linka - na Digu jest ktokolwiek rysujący paleoart ?
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LemniskateHobbyist Traditional Artist
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kustom65Professional Digital Artist
Nice work!

Check out my T.rex, Sabretooth, Cave Bear and other prehistoric pix if you like:


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nyanamiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh, how beautiful! I love their fuzzes. :D
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Judging from the Velociraptor's body-language and position to the nest, it doesn't look like she/he's going to move in for the kill. No element of surprise whatsoever and the mother is keeping her chicks in safe proximity. But the little raptor does look curious.
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The oviraptor is one of my favorite theropods and this one its outstanding ;) :+fav: I've some of my own but they are not as cool as your piece. Nice job.
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Paleo-KingProfessional Traditional Artist
Very nice. Though are you sure the "wings" were so heavily feathered?
I thought Oviraptorids couldn't fly. And this looks a bit swan like
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ApsaravisHobbyist Digital Artist
I know those "wings" are quite big, but I don't think they could be used for flight (the feathers aren't specialized) :)
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Wow, it's beautiful! ^^
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