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at the beach

An old commission.
Dilophosaur, a pair of megapnosaurs and scelidosaurs. The bipedal scelidosaur is based on tracks found in the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland.
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Dilo on the beach dodododooooo!!!!
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Awesome work ! Looks very natural :nod:
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Could Scelidosaurus go bipedal?
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Ah, that explains it
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Beautiful. You - and Jeff Martz - are probably the best artists on anything Early Mesozoic out there.
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Make a picture of the early jurassic Antarctica, with the fauna of the Hanson Formation. Can be Awesome!
Apsaravis's avatar
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll think about it :)
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Scelidosaurs were bipedal?!? Werent they the ancestors of Thyrephorans?

Didnt Dilophosaurs have feathers? I'm just wondering, awesome artwork. :)
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Bipedal scelidosaur is speculative and based only on the tracks. :)
Dilophosaur is indeed feathered here, but it looks more like fur.
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Cool. Though you should probably make the feathering a little bit more evident, I couldn't see it when I zoomed in. Still, you are seriously talented, love your work!
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I'm not the artist, but I figured I'd help out. It's hard to see, but the Dilophosaurus in the picture does have feathers. Just not complex ones, so it looks like fur.
HUBLERDON's avatar
Got it. Thanks. :)
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You're welcome! ^^
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Great work, the shading on all those osteoderms is amazing, they really pop out! My eyes hurt lol :XD:
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Szkoda, że na da nie Jestes tak aktywna jak na tumblrze. Musze częściej tam zaglądać :D
Apsaravis's avatar
Wiem, "trochę" zaniedbałam to konto, ale powoli będę uzupełniać galerię :)
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I had no idea Scelidosaurus could walk on its hindlegs. Beautiful work with this one. 
Apsaravis's avatar
It's only speculation :)
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