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Tutorial - Dragons

By Apsaravis
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Phew, that was hard to write, really!:faint:

If you'd like me to add something, tell me PLZ:)
I hope my English doesn't suck that much...
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etoile19990412Hobbyist General Artist
AWESOME! Thank you so much ^^
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how do you access the tutorial?
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ApsaravisHobbyist Digital Artist
Click 'download' button.
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LutedHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it!
SSnakEE's avatar
Thanx a lot :)
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MVTPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
This is going to be HUGE help! Thanks for posting this :)
LycreaMoon's avatar
LycreaMoonHobbyist Photographer
I can't see it... o.o
Apsaravis's avatar
ApsaravisHobbyist Digital Artist
Try "download image":)
LycreaMoon's avatar
LycreaMoonHobbyist Photographer
oh ok. =)
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ciekawy tutorial.
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Your english was great, don't worry about it :)

This was fun for me. Your tutorial contains a lot of ideas that I have picked up myself over time, especially referencing off of dinosaur fossils. This was fun to see it put into a tutorial.

By the way, your drawings are beautiful :D
Mith-cest-Moi's avatar
Mith-cest-MoiHobbyist General Artist
great tut!
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Cici3Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for this! It'll be a great help in improving my dragons!
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BunnypumaHobbyist General Artist
It's great how you show the resemblance of the dragon to the... dinosaur XD the eye and wing part are very helpful ^w^ :+fav:
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Can i ask you a question if you don't mind?
You said in the tutorial that drawing eyes like that is wrong,but i'm using Dragonology books manly as ref and they all use eyes like that..and their dragons look brill.:O
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MintoonsProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. I was actually looking for a tutorial on reptile anatomy, but this looks pretty good too.

I have an animal anatomy book that seems to cover every animal except birds and reptiles.
JurassicalZooKeeper's avatar
This was really helpful! Yeesh, I've been making a lot of mistakes when I draw dragons. D: :+fav:
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Dzięki, teraz wiem jak dokładniej rysować smoki :XD:
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ankewehnerHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a very nice turotial, but one thing bothers me: Did you actually check if the photos you found through google are free to use without citing the actual source?
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NizhoniWolfProfessional Traditional Artist
many thanks for the tut
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dragonart55 Traditional Artist
ok that eye thingie i gotta stop drawing them that way !!!
sesshomarulover63's avatar
that looksd awsome!!!! i love drawing dragons too! i like draing wars. i'll have to put some on DA.
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TaaslaHobbyist Digital Artist
Considering this is a more "realistic" dragon tutorial, wouldn't it be imperative to fuse the spine like a bird's? Birds have fused sections of their spine called the notarium/thoracic vertibrae and synsacrum. The fused sections start behind the cervical vertibrae and add stability to flight.

Here's a great photo of the area I'm talking about:

I believe that if you are going to hark about not giving a dragon mammalian features (birds do have eye-whites btw and they can be visible), then it's imperative that you study what makes avians able to fly. The reason a bird can fly is not just because it has feathers.
Apsaravis's avatar
ApsaravisHobbyist Digital Artist
I know that not only feathers allow birds to fly. I didn't reference birds here mainly because my dragons don't have carina. But you're right about the spine - if I were going to write this kind of tutorial now (this one is 3 years old 0_o), it would be waay different. I haven't deleted this tut yet only because people seem to like it:shrug:
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