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After several months I decided to take up drawing again and so I decided to finish this family at last.

From left to right: Mei long, Sinovenator changii, Byronosaurus jaffei, Jinfengopteryx elegans, Sinornithoides youngi, Sinusonasus magnodens, Troodon formosus, Saurornithoides mongoliensis, Saurornithoides junior. :B It's still incomplete, but I got kinda tired of these guys.
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Where's Stenonychosaurus inequalis and Latenivenatrix macmasterae?
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Have you considered the twice as large Alaskan Troodon?
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I love Troodontids, they're like more sophisticated raptors.
TheWildTornado's avatar
the most intelligent dinos :) I LOVE them ^-^!
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borogovia, anchiornis and talos are also important in the family! (though u r very good!)
Definitely well done, but he also forgot Troodon Inequalis.
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Anchiornis is now considered a basal avialan (man! You have my same nickname! xD)
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The last two remind me so much of birds, it's incredible^^
I love the Troodon family: they're too delicate to be raptors, but still too compact and small to be ostrich mimcs.
You did an amazing job, I love all the colors :D
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Dangit! How did I miss so many great pieces in your gallery? This is wonderful stuff, the coloration in particular is attractive and believable.
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I love the various bird colorations you see in these. Great work!
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Love how easy it is to see the modern birds within the dinosaurs. Past and present combined. I like the Canada goose and Harlequin duck colouring. Great work!
HeroesRain's avatar
those troodons look really good. like how they could have, I noticed some of the patterns and colors resemble real birds. I hated in some nature shows, when I first saw or learned about troodons they made them look alien-ish by making them all green with tiny scales that made them look like they had smooth skin.
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Mam nieodparte wrażenie, że te dwa ostatnie to mają coś wspólnego ze strusiami :D.

A tak konkretnie, to czy to całe towarzystwo pochodzi z jednej krainy geograficznej, czy brałaś je z całej Ziemi? :sherlock:
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Great job, not only about the painting; the avian look is perfectly captured. I have done one sketch on Troodon... Your's is perfect.
babbletrish's avatar
Very cool. Love the subtle differences between the two Saurornithoides species.
RickRaptor105's avatar
Now you´ve given me the idea to draw "the Great Family of Troodontids" :D

BTW Saurornithoides junior has been renamed Zanabazar junior.
great work!I love their colors.
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i abeslutely love the second from the right Saurornithoides, i work at the zoo in my town and im surrounded by large and small birds nearly every day, the anatomy of each of your dinosaurs is spectacular, and detail! WOA haha i love it i can look at these for hours. youve inspired me to just miss college this afternoon to draw dinosaurs!!!!!!!
rob :D
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Looks like it should be in a field guide (for my dream safari...).
CUBIAlpha's avatar
Oooh!! It's lovely! :D
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