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Smok wawelski

Smok wawelski, a large archosaur that lived during the Triassic in what is now Poland.

It's an illustration I made for a book.
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Hah, he looked like a theropod before being a theropod was cool / even a thing
TheCrocodileLord's avatar
I thought smok was a pseudosuchian
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It is; it just had a very theropod-like posture.
NocturnalSea's avatar
I love the natural lighting and high contrast. Really makes it look like a living animal in a real environment.
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Expert use of value!
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The lighting in your paintings are always so true to life--I love the washed out feeling of it.
Celestial-Rainstorm's avatar
Gorgeous, just gorgeous! 
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Ksenon-the-dragon's avatar
Amazing..and looks better than this in Kraków :v
JonaGold2000's avatar
Love the landscape
Silvanoxia's avatar
Po prostu przepiękny :)
mygodlorain's avatar
A eso le llamo grandeza de DIOS
JokaJikanda's avatar
cool notion of light
perry1214's avatar
That reember me the Patagonia Argentia :D
BiteMeFox's avatar
Great textures!
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Really beautiful! I wish I could paint like that :D
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I'm half-Polish, on my mother's side. I grew up on the story of the Dragon of Wawel. I think it's awesome that a paleontologist decided to name a dinosaur from that region after the infamous dragon of legend!
RobinSuperhero's avatar
Great painting! But u know...smok wawelski is just a Cracov legend.
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And it is also a large Triassic archosaur named after that legend...
RobinSuperhero's avatar
Oh. Sorry! I didn't know that! My fault
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Still.. dinosaurs existed even in the regions were Poland is today.... it's probable that the legends arised from stories about these prehistoric beasts, much like the Loch Ness monster might be a reference to a plesiosaur like creature.

After all what could dragons be if not "dinosaurs" if you pardon my using the term generally without dividing it into proper groups of land/air/sea creatures from that time.;)
RobinSuperhero's avatar
Alright! :) 
Ps. That's a REALLY nice ''Smok Wawelski''
PPS. I am from Poland,u too?
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