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Plateosaurus and Liliensternus

Plateosaurus engelhardti and Liliensternus liliensterni.

Plateosaur's integument is purely speculative.

Photoshop CS6
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I love feathered Sauropodomorphs.
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Your artwork is always so colourful and beautiful. :)
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The Triassic is such an interesting period in Earth's history.
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This is awesome!
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Good work on this! I love you style on the Plateosaurus with the striped head. ^^
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Man, why didn't I watch you earlier?
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Stunning work!
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You don't see Plateosaurs everyday. :)
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such detail! incredible!
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Yay, Apsaravis is back! Great work as always.
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A Sauropodomorph with feathers!? A basal Theropod with feathers!? This is a great time to be alive.
I was just about to draw a plateosaur with this kind of integument.
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Dinosaur!!!!!!Raptor La Icon 
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Shouldn't Lilensternus be bigger? I heard they could be around 7 meters.

Anyway, I love this. Its positively beautiful. Clap 
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Liliensternus is only about 5.15m long, so no. Those estimates may have been either outdated or in reference to Dracovenator, which is a dilophosaurid and not closely related to any coelophysoids.
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Probably outdated. Lilensterinus was still called Halticosaurus back then.
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From what I know, Liliensternus was around 5 meters long :)
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