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Plateosaurus engelhardti

Photoshop CS3

I'm available for commissions.
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I really like the water effects. Was the background taken from a specific photo reference?
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beautiful design :)
AntonellisofbBender's avatar
this image almost looks real as possible and the anatomy is perfectly accurate enough
Louisetheanimator's avatar
Again nice work. ^^ You are so talented. ^^
Levghast's avatar
This is so realistic !

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Beautiful piece! A rare find nowadays in terms of realism and execution.
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SpinoInWonderland's avatar
When I looked at the thumbnail, it looked like a photograph!
pilsator's avatar
Awesome to see new work from you! This might very well be my favorite non-sauropod sauropodomorph illustration ever.
brandon-bowling's avatar
When I first glanced at the thumbnail of this I thought it was a photo manipulation; the water and shadows looked so real. The animal itself is equally beautiful. The simple color scheme really helps to highlight the striped head and make that part of the creature the focal point of the whole piece. Those hairy quills all over the back are a neat little touch that I haven't seen before. It makes this guy totally unique. Excellent job, as usual!
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Amazing depth and perspective from this unusual angle! Also the animal itself looks extremely real! Excellent job!
Vahzah-Dovahkiin's avatar
Loving the look of the stripes and the quills on the back are a fantastic addition.
Kepidemic's avatar
This is gorgeous <3 You could almost mistake it for a photograph
Marmot-of-Doom's avatar
I like the stripes on the head :)
mute-owl's avatar
wow!  just wow!  your paintings always look so real, and are completely impossible to tell from a photograph at first glace or from far away.  very stunning work, as usual!
Hyrotrioskjan's avatar
You become more and more a master of intersting shadings, great work :thumbsup:
ZombieSaurian's avatar
So majestic! Another beautiful piece!
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