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+ Furry dragon +

Furry dragon with feathery wings :roll: Now I'm gonna die from furryness overdose:dead:

Painted entirely with acrylics in Painter 8, everything done on 1 layer x_X
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Good work! This is a really good peice of art
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Omg that amaze 😍
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There's so much floof *w* Amazing job!
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furry dragon ! cooooool !:squee:
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that's a new kind of dragon.... looks pretty awesome!
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^_< + Furry dragon +I LOVE
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fantastic texturing :O
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Wonderful unique design, he looks so friendly! One critique I would have would be his front paws, they should probably have more angles to them rather than just a bend.
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I think it totally cool.
Lol, Its Sophera's Boyfriend. HAH
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Oooh it's beautiful Ö.Ö'
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i wana hug that dragonnnnnnnn Your picture is amazing. I love to draw dragons. most of my deviations are dragons. Will you please look at them and give me some criticism?
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hey I turned this into a yu-gi-oh card! I hope u don't mind
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Po prostu boski smoczek, już dawno temu zapożyczyłem sobie na tapetę ^^; a skoro odżyło moje z dawna zapomniane konto to fav jak nic :) :+fav:
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Pure awesomeness!!!
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1 Layer? o.0; That took skill, my friend. I couldn't do that. XD I'd have to do a layer for fur and one for the background and one for the wings and blah blah blah.
wow. what program did you make this on?(photoshop, painter, ect.)
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interesting concept for a dragon, but it looks good and came out well; must admit, never seen a furry / fuzzy dragon before hehe :thumbsup:
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Quite nice, great texture work.
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