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Archaeopteryx lithographica
Reference: [link]

I spent a lot of time on this picture, mainly because I couldn't get the anatomy right... The tail was probably the most difficult part, I corrected it about 5 times:faint:

textures: `Princess-of-Shadows
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The color scheme reminds me of a male mallard. 
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If you had not listed it as digital I would have never guessed, it looks like an old ink and water color sketch. Well done!
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This is beautiful! I love how you colored this and the atmosphere is incredible. :)
Kronosaurus82's avatar
I like this very much. :)
Looks like and old print: I like the thin ink lines and the sepia shades.
Zero-the-Dragoness's avatar
:lol: reminds me of a Male Mallard!
MoldyMuffinz's avatar
This was done in Photoshop? It looks so much like traditional work. I really love the wings and he coloring. Especially the little bit of shinyness on the neck~ :D
ilikeshinyobjects's avatar
I love the Archaeopteryx! My favorite birdosaur. :meow:

Microraptor, too. :D
InvisibleCatfish's avatar
Looks like those duck paintings my great uncle likes to collect!
Anatomy looks spot on, the feathers on the tail are great! Overall, a wonder piece!

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This is really beautiful, man.
tranki-zieleniack's avatar
wow! podziwiam szczegóły :)
EmperorDinobot's avatar
IT flies into the future!!
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I don't have a sub so I can't do the fancy critique but what the heck:

First of all, Archaeopteryx is the shit. XD
It makes me super happy to see someone illustrate one.

Overall I think it looks pretty darn good.
The angle is interesting, the anatomy is convincing, and the face is relatable to the viewer while still carrying that reptilian feel.

One way I think you could push it to the next level, though, would be to add in some lighter values in the foreground on the Archaeopteryx as well as the branch. Kinda like when charcoal artists use a little tiny bit of white charcoal in the highlights to punch up the contrast. I think if you do that, it will give the piece a lot more depth and make that cute little guy really pop off the page!

Great work, Keep it up! :)
Apsaravis's avatar
Thanks a lot! I added sime highlights, hope it looks better now^_^
CrowCandy's avatar
Yeah that does make the little guy pop out a bit more. Thanks for listening to my comment! :) I can't wait to see your next piece of art!
EWilloughby's avatar
Beautiful work on one of my favorite animals. The only thing that looks off to me is the hallux - Archaeopteryx did not have a fully reversed hallux as in birds. I love the aged-looking style of the piece.
Apsaravis's avatar
Thanks! I corrected the hallux:)
Heguy's avatar
really-really beautiful. Not only the perfection about anatomy but the atmosphere makes it an awesome piece :)
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niesamowita anatomia i detale.
Terrific work! Love the texture of it, like an Oriental painting.
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I love how you used a very chinese wall-scroll painting style on this one!! =D It's gorgeous and fits this creature particularly well for some reason. The composition is nice, as well as the use of texture. The only thing I recommend looking out for next time is the foreshortening of the back wing. The right 'shoulder' where the wing comes out is higher on the back than the left one. Otherwise, it's a fantastic piece! :heart:
Apsaravis's avatar
Thanks! I'll try not to make this mistake next time:)
camilah's avatar
I love this. Cool drawing:D
Schatten-Drache's avatar
I don't know why, but the colors remind me much on male ducks
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