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Yeah, I decided to put my stock rules in a seperate file instead of copy-paste them under every single pic :)


You're welcome to use my pictures from stock category for your creative work (photomanipulations , drawings etc). Just please follow a couple of simple rules :)  :
- I reserve the right to tell you to take down an artwork using my stock pictures (or ask you to remove my content from your work) if for some reason I find it wrong and you have to respect it - no negotiating about it - if I tell you to remove it you have to do it, even if something was not mentioned in my stock rules or you believe you didn't do anything wrong.
- don't put me or my face together with adult content. I don't pose to act, nude, semi-nude, underwear sexy or vulgar pictures so obviously I don't wish to be put together with such content.
- don't use my pictures for any hatered expression (race, gender, nationality, violence, animal abuse etc) - If you do so, I will report it to the administration. 
- let me know when your artwork is ready - I'm eager to see it :) I really don't bite, I love seing all those artworks :) 
- I save myself the right to request you to take down an artwork if it's violating the rules (if you are unsure about your work being apropriate just contact me :) most probably you don't have to worry, as the mentioned situation is really extreme)
- give the credits to the model (me) and those amazing people I work with (photographers , and sometimes make-up artists - whoever i credit under my pic)
- I give you my stock for free. You may not sell it or re-upload on other websites.
- for commercial use contact me privately (preferably on ) - this will need mine and photographer's permission and shared profit.
- book covers - you're welcome to use my pics for book covers designes as far as you do it for free. If you want to sell any of designs including my stock - see the point above :)
- I had this issue many times and you can be sure I'm very sensitive on that one - do not use my face, clothes, accessories, body parts , hair on other models, don't stick other face to my body - I work hard on making my costumes and would prefer to see them only on myself. If you hate my face (well don't worry, I am aware of the fact that my face is not preety) then sorry you have to skip my stocks, it's sort of a deal , stand my face for being able to use my costumes ;) you might call me narcisstic, but that's the way I am and I use modeling for expressing myself. Please , respect it
EDIT: this also applies for painting completly new face from your imagination, putting animal heads, covering the face completly. Imagine someone took your manipulation, uploaded it somewhere without credits and cut out your watermark- that's exactly how it feels ;)  

- you can use my stock as pose reference for traditional arts etc.
- have fun using my stock! :)
NEW UPDATE 11.10.2016 : 
- My stock pictures are all MODEL STOCK (unless I upload it to different category which anyways is very rare) therefore their main aim is to be used as MODEL STOCK. It means you are not allowed to delete me from it and use the background, props, landscape, items, architecture, animals etc. etc (ANYTHING from the picture) without my body (and face...) on it. I reapeat, it's NOT background stock. it's MODEL STOCK.  

Don't worry, I really don't bite - I just had too many not nice situations of people using my stock and cutting me out of it. If you stick to those rules I won't mind anything.

NEW UPDATE 03.07.2014 : regarding using my pictures as reference:

- all my pictures can be used as a referenc for your artistic work (traditional or digital paintings/drawings etc, sculptures and any other form of art that I forgot to mention :) ) , no matter if they are in stock folder or not (BUT photomanipulations can be done only on pictures from STOCK folder! do not misunderstand :)
- simillar as for manipulations, don't use my pics as reference for works including animal cruelty, sexual abuse, pornography,child abuse, hatered to any group (race, nationality,religious beliefs, sexual orientation etc)
- you sell your work based on my picture as a reference in any way you want, as long as it's not a photomanipulation or work using exactly the picture (in other words - you can sell your drawing etc as long as you painted it yourself, not when you just put some photoshop effect on the picture itself)
- if you use my picture as a pose reference, it really doesn't have to be me you are drawing :) you can change the hair, dress, even face , it can be your OC or some fanart or anything :) 
© 2014 - 2022 Apsara-Stock
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Hey do you mind changing your skin coloration? I just want it to look like it's from a specific region.

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Hello! I used your stock here: Under Wanter by wolhrage thank's so mutch
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Hello! I used your stock here:
Can I sell my work as a print?
Winter bird by MarinaBozhko
Apsara-Stock's avatar
wow it's awesome! sure you can :)
C-D-F-G's avatar
I'm currently in the process of writing a book that I plan to publish as a free e-book and I found one of your beautiful stock-pictures, that would fit perfectly as the "cover" (I suppose it's still called a cover when it's online ;P )

Should I pay you to use that or is it free to use then? :) You'll of course be credited in the book and, if allowed from you, I'll of course upload the finished cover-art on my dA-gallery :3

Thanks for providing some amazing stock-photos! :hug:

//cdfg - Pernille S. Skovgaard
Apsara-Stock's avatar
you can doit for free just please mention meand the photographer :)
C-D-F-G's avatar
Sorry for late reply and thank you! :D
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Hello! For book covers, if I were to use one of your stocks, edited and manipulated and credited along your rules, for MYSELF (ie. for my own books and not being sold to someone else) is that allowed? Or would I have to pay you?
Apsara-Stock's avatar
tarajadestone's avatar
Awesome thanks! I'll be sure to credit and link back ^^
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So if I use one of your stock photos in a photo manipulation I can not sell my work as a print? I can inform you that a photo-manipulation is not to "just put some photoshop effect on the picture" as you write in your rules.
Its sad you think so.

But okay, then I know your rules. 
Apsara-Stock's avatar
I guess you misunderstood my rules ;) I don't consider manipulations "just putting a random effect on the picture" - apparently it's my favorite form of use of my stocks. What I meant is I had alot of people using my pics exactly in that mentioned form (putting just some simple PS effect) later saying that that's not my pic anymore so they can sell it, while it was clearly picture of my face with very little edition. I give my work for free and as long as I myself might be ok with selling prints (still quite unfair taking under account ammount of money I spend on costumes, makeup etc) but work of the photographers is involved in it as well. 
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Hi, I have got a short question:
Does " artistic work" also include small pixel dolls?
(I am not sure about that so I wanted to ask, I hope I am not bothering too much or that this is a stupid question)
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yeah, feel free to use my poses or get inspired by my costuming ideas :) I would love to be credited though - any way of reaching more people is useful to me :D 
sandtree's avatar
Of course I will credit you, I mean you have such wounderful stock and a lot more people are going to find it useful, I am sure.
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You are stunning, if someone is posting nasty comments it's because they are jealous xxx 
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" If you hate my face (well don't worry, I am aware of the fact that my face is not preety) then sorry you have to skip my stocks, it's sort of a deal , stand my face for being able to use my costumes"

don't say that! you have a very pretty face! :heart:

thanks for making such wonderful stock! :) :hug:
Apsara-Stock's avatar
well someone has already written me a PW "you should change your model because her face is ugly" ...
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omg your so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oooh great - would you allow for me to use my art with your stock commercially?
Primarily prints & my own art jewelry at, and I sell licenses to my art as tags/signatures, embroidery and the likes..

I would ofcourse notify you if any art work with your stock gets published somewhere and if I get paid for bookcovers etc with that art work you'll get a donation aswell, so that way part of the profit :)

I also feature my art at my facebook page and official website: (credit on the 'thanx to' page)

You can take a look at my gallery so you can see my style and that way decide if you will allow me :)
MariaMurphyArt's avatar
Oh Hi wonderful  poses indeed!!!!! :wow:
I have the same request as Ida above (more or less the same ie selling  my artwork as prints and on products ie mugs etc )
Regards Maria  :pray:
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