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Pininfarina Battista
Hot Wheels

♦☺>The Artwork

Title: Pininfarina Battista
or (Hot Wheels)
or (Just a random electric car)

Type: Painting (that is almost a Daily Painting)
From the "I like cars, and want to marry one" series

Painting Started on 19-07-2019
about 5 to 6 hours.

look at her...
Shes HAT!

Just look how beautiful

Heard about her on a Podcast
and I just had to let it out
Couldnt contain myself.

I waited all week just to do this.

Painting, its just part of my nature feels good,
my best form of recreation
creating things from mere nothingness.
it reminds me to The Good Place.

and just got bamboozled
whe found out Car is electric,
And she's sepsi as hell.

When I was a kid, I always got rejected by people,
so much, that i eventually though that when i grew up
I would marry a car,

maybe a ferrari,
♦☺>Inspiration Sources

A podcast, that wasn't a Joe Rogan one,

♦☺>about the technique

When you love something, you do things with love.
and love is powerful.

Ho Lee Fook...
it sucks...

Score: 7.25/10

+ positive
Color: 7/10
Composition: 6/10
Gesture: ?/10
Style: 7.8/10
Strokes: 6/10
Legibility: 6.5/10
Meaning: 4.1/10

- negative
Ugliness: 2.5/10
Boringness: 3/10

Drawing cars?
have been trying to do it all my life

I always wanted to design cars,
But always sucked,
Is pretty hard to come up with original designs.
I suffer from perfecionitis aguditis
Trying to cure myself and just be a little messy and unfinished.

had a full week, roughs times,
battling against my self-deceit
got tremendously cut from my painting time,
hope good days come back soon.
♦☺>Status Report

After painting
83.325% of the times, i'm happy.

♦☺>The Reminder

it kind of reminds me to a mix between a
SCC Tuatara and a Italia 458


i think like most of my paintings, you have to look at it from a far distance,
sometimes you can only see the beauty in things from a wider perspective.
looking at it as a whole.

and also.....
Something about finding Coherence and Steadiness.

♦☺>Random Text

Evil Mini Me: YOU SEE THAT, it sucks... look at it. it's all messy, melty, and ugly,
you could essentially be a student of Picasso,
but he probaly kicked you out, cuz of your levels of sukiness.



Silence is the best friend you can look for when looking for clarity to find coherence,
Steady waters let you see your reflection clearly.

-Thoughts from The Beyond


My sincere apologies, I just have so much fun writing my silly stuff.

v10 20/07/2019

Posted using PostyBirb

Change the Wheel

♦☺>The Artwork

Title: Change the Wheel
or (Pinchazo)
or (Flat tire)
or (My dead brain is hallucinating)

Type: Daily Painting
From the "hallucinations" series

Duration: about 5 hours


Looks someone aint gonna make it on time to comic-con

Neil Degreasse Tyson says that,
Aliens have already visited us, they visited during comic-con,
but they left since their costumes werent as good as ours.


changing wheels became a habit this week.

♦☺>Status Report

I once talked about these condition were i see animal people everywhere.
..I see animal people.....

♦☺>Inspiration Sources



ohhhh my head...

i think i need to take a rest,

resasset myself, need break away
replant seeds of success,
and prepare them to sprout.

maybe I need to change wheels.
or move along with them....


mah brain aint good right now, not able to think


ʎɐpoʇ ǝɹoɔs oN



Something about finding something.
i feel my brain is blank.

♦☺>Random Text

at the Bottom of the Well...
You may find the Lens of Truth.

i think this means, that
everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

or maybe that, to find the truth, you must face fear,
maybe hit bottom. maybe something about, how you can only find your true self,
facing the most grusome of circumstances.
face youself in the mirror of fear, find who you truly are, you must go trough darkness.

v01 12/07/2019

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Dude Snow
Look at this dude

( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

♦☺>The Artwork

Title: Dude Snow
or (Look at this dude)
or (Train Deficit 01)

Type: Dailly Painting
From the "Must Practice More" series

Duration: about 4 hours.



So i need to practice how to paint figures faster
so went to Quickposes, and got some refs to practice
and paited this to practice.
Lotso practices.
Best practices.

about the story
...well we know this is not Jon Snow.

♦☺>Status Report


♦☺>Inspiration Sources

probably Simon Stålenhag.

♦☺>about the technique

lotso paints.


i donut


Proportions are ugh.
lack of definition

but come on man, this practice man.
take it easy boi
do expect to mess thigs up
must train harder.



basically im going inn to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
go trainning with Goku.
tun tun tun.

♦☺>Random Text

ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

v02 11/07/2019

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♦☺>The Artwork

Title: hahaha
or (Fenneko)

From the "keep it simple" and "Agretssuko FanArt" series

Duration: About 2 hours


v03 09/07/2019

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Fly Away
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away
- Frank Sinatra

♦☺>The Artwork

Title: Fly Away
or (Flight)
or (Flight Simulator 2020)

Type: Painting (that is almost a Matte Painting)
From the "Flight Simulator Fan Art" series

Painting Started on 24-06-2019
about 13 days, 5 to 6 hours.


Some random painting of an airplane.

24/06 That day I saw the trailer of microsoft flight simulator 2020.

Got insanely inspired by it, that i decided to do this.
so much that i just went non-stop doing this,
but got quite frustrated, and have tried to finish it since then

and well. today i did'nt do much in regards of making new paintings
so this is my hidden secret card for bad days.

(This is what I actually wrote that day)

Hi, amm.....

trying to upload something i did.

the last few days have been hard.
getting stuck in never ending paitings

things I do, tend to never get finished if i dont end them in the same day.

i forget painting helps me to overcome many issues i have.

sorry for the quality, maybe you think is not that bad but.
my brain always reads everything i do as crap.

trying to write and formalize myself a good excuse to upload this.


but today, I upload it with pride.

♦☺>Status Report know, when my fur is white,
i'm dry and depressed, so pretty much feeling like that.
hoping that as days go by I can recover my color.

♦☺>Inspiration Sources

Flight Simulator

♦☺>about the technique

for starters, not giving up.
and determination to finish stuff,
no matter the circumstances.


if only we could fly.


but you can still build a plane like Howard Hughes.

♦☺>Random Text

i think i might take a rest for a while again.
need to rearrange some things in life

trying to make it to the goal of 365 paitings by the end of the year
has been one of my drives, but at the end,
they are more important things than the completion of an achievement
in my case, my own well being,
knowing and feeling that i'm taking the best path to get to my goals is indispensable.
taking care of myself in a balanced way,
not overpushing to the extreme and getting hurt,
the goal is to get better, not to hurt yourself.

v04 07/07/2019

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I'm looking forward to improve and become a professional artist.


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