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My Bio
I DO NOT do REQUESTS or COMISSIONS anymore. So please DON'T ASK ME for any. If I ever decide to do them again I will announce it here.

If you FAIL to READ this and ask me for comissions or requests your question will be simply IGNORED.

Favourite Visual Artist
First and foremost: Yukito Kishiro. Others include but aren't limited to: Olivier Ledroit. Marc Silvestri. J Scott Campbell. Masamune Shirow. Masashi Kishimoto. Humberto Ramos.
Favourite Movies
Pacific Rim. Alien quadrilogy. Avengers. Robocop. Terminator. Matrix Trilogy. StarWars Saga. Tremors. The Fly.
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones. My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Stargate SG-1. DaVinci's Demons.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Masami Okui. Man-O-War. Sabaton. Lindsey Stirling. 2 Steps from Hell. Nightwish. Irish Rovers. Steel Panthers.
Favourite Books
Too many to list here. Lets just say my list includes most of the stuff written by my two favorite authors.
Favourite Writers
favorite writers: Dan Abnett and Sandy Mitchell.
Favourite Games
X-COM ( both the origional and the remake ) Baldurs Gate series. Dragon Age. KOTOR. SWTOR. Jagged Alliance ( Origional and remake ) WildStar
Favourite Gaming Platform
My PC. Consoles are for trend sheep. And they offer nothing my PC can't already do better.
Tools of the Trade
0.5 mm technical pencil ( blue ) COPIC brand inking pens in several sizes ( 0.01 to 0.7 ) Photoshop
Other Interests
Webcomics. Warhammer Fantasy/40K. WARMACHINE/HORDES. Fantasy, Steampunk & SCI-FI stuff. Bondage/Spanking art. Dropzone Commander.
I recently had trouble with my outlook mail, having to verify my password because of some issues. Long story short, I had to reset the password. This is where shit began to melt down. A recovery code gets sent to my old Gmail, which I havent used in forever and a half, but the goddamn system wont let me use anything else. Problem two arises. I can't access my Gmail account because Gmail is fucking retarded and claims the password for that account is ALSO incorrect. I've used the same password for the last 10 fucking years!!! I type in the last password i recall, per the systems request, but no the automatic process just says: "can't verify its you." no other options, no alternatives. just bogus. Fucking peachy. So no access to that code. So I'm forced to make a NEW outlook mail, and try that way to unlock my current outlook mail. So I filled out the automated microsoft recovery form. Lo and behold, not even 10 seconds later I get the automated message: Unfortunately, our automated
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You know what really bugs me sometimes? When people on a writing forum make a post: *I have a story idea*, and then say something like "Person X makes pancakes." That's it, nothing else. Just "Person X makes pancakes" I'm like, okay, and then what? I mean... how the fuck does that make a story? I mean, that's not a story concept, that's just describing an activity. Come on at least fill in some of the blanks. How the hell is anyone supposed to work with that? And of-course there's always a bunch of ding-dongs who hop on the bandwagon and say shit like: "Yes, I wanna see X make pancakes." or "I'd read it" and other variations of nonsensical reactions that add absolutely nothing to what is already little more than nothing. Meanwhile I'm sitting there groaning about the stupidity of people and wondering if the muse of creativity had another stroke or something. I mean, I can't be the only amateur writer who feels the urge to facepalm at a post like that right? Or am I just being
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So, I was browsing through the Steam store today when I noticed 'Horizon zero dawn' in there. I remember seeing a few videos about that game at some point in the past ( I can't remember how long ago ) and I commented that Instead of shelving out money to buy an, in my opinion, overpriced console just to play a single game, I'd wait for the eventual PC release. Then some entitled little console fanboy troll told me "good luck with that, it wont ever happen. its an exclusive title. bla bla console master race." and some other quasi insulting bullshit that basicly boiled down to "U are teh sux, fag." I Just left a smileyface saying: "We'll see." and left it at that. And whaddya know, the game now has a PC port. And I didn't have to fork over any money to buy an expensive console that only has 3 games that may or may not be worth playing. And all I had to do was exactly nothing. So suck it you toxic console fanboys.
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do you still do spanking art?
only if i feel like it. Which i havent for a while.
Happy Birthday 
thanks yami ^^
Skype told me it was your birthday. If it isn't, thing is outdated. If it is, then happy birthday man! I hope you have a great one! =P
it is, and thanks ^^
mind if I request my oc kiba getting spanked by a character of your choice? Sorry its random ^^;