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The Wolverine-sunseeker

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Published: March 5, 2017
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!!!!!!【SPOILER ALERT】!!!!!!



This film was really make me cry (a lot).
RIP Professor X.
RIP Logan.
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While also heartwarming, this fan art gives Charles and Logan the happy ending they wanted, but never got.
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"There's no living with a killing. There's no going back. Right or wrong, it's a brand. A brand that sticks. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her... everything's all right. There are no more guns in the valley."
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“And there aren’t any more guns in the valley”

X-Men: Gone but never forgotten
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Of course. Break our hearts, why don't you?

Bitter comments aside, this is remarkably made, special praise must go to the character designs (particularly the faces) and colour, makes it look like a perfectly made painting.
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Good jobbers. It would've been nice to see them have more fun. 
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Amazing almost made me cry!!!!
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GamingGalaxies64Student General Artist
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this hurts a lot great job
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Luli34678Hobbyist General Artist
It's very bad, that it's never happen
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Logan looks younger.
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Aww man…if only… Really good job on this. The emotions from this, are truly bittersweet. The colouring's perfect, the lighting's very nice and the details are really nicely done. Amazing tribute, to a beautiful movie.
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ImdaBatmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
(Tries not to cry)
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The ending had me sobbing. Easily my favorite superhero movie of all time.
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I was sobbing too. Wolverine was one of my all time favorite superheroes (next to Spider-Man and Captain America), and seeing him push himself past his breaking point and then fatally wounded so brutal just shot me in the heart.
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Spider Man and Batman are two of my favorite superheroes easily. Hell, I love the DC Animated and Marvel Cinematic Universes as they both have interesting portrayals of superheroes. The MCU has a mix of drama, action and comedy I like and the DCAU has the superheroes I grew up with the most and those heroes can also be pretty relatable at times. But despite that, Logan feels the most real which at times, can make it so uncomfortable to watch and yet, it has a decent amount of hilarious comedy and great action to balance out the bleak darkness of the film.

The speech X-23 gives (being a callback to a scene where she watches with Charles an old Western movie) was some great acting from her actress and it brought tears of grief to my eyes. It was such a visceral, raw and powerful moment that showed that this was the end of an era. A part of my childhood died with Logan. Hugh Jackman is an actor who I deeply respect. He was a part of something millions of fans treasured and now, his role as the Wolverine is done and yet his legacy will live on even after he's gone. Such a masterpiece, indeed.
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Having just seen the film... WOW. :')
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"There's water here."
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guitarsword15Hobbyist Writer
Lovely, in a way.
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DJ-BleachHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why must you hurt me like this.
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Oh hey look! This is the alternate alternate timeline in which Logan takes two extra seconds to decapitate Donald Pierce after the incident with the pipe, doesn't send away Caliban and then the four of them bury the corpse somewhere far away before getting the boat like they were supposed to!
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silenceyourswordHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not crying you're crying shut up
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tv tropes has acknowledged your art on the logan page for tearjerkers congradulations
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