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Song Of Ice And Fire
Viserys Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen and the dragon bone
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looks great i do  fan art to but nothing like this
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I want to let you know your art is being edited and reposted by another DA user (Eularesko)
I already reported it but you might want to follow up
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This is so AMAZING! I absolutely love it. It's so beautifully made, and the way it shows how Viserys is telling her about Targaryen history (being both obsessed and fascinated by it) and how Dany is going with it ... The feels ...
That's just.... beyond words.
This is how Targaryens are supposed to look, amazing and fantastic.
the show Targaryens do not look good nor beautiful as described in the series, but this drawing is everything I imagined they looked like, extremely good looking.
I haven't seen a single depiction as good as this.
That's one of the biggest flaws of going from book to screen.....the author creates this impossible looking character that when it comes time to find a actor/actress to portray them, they won't look EXACTLY what you imagined, at least some attempt was tried on the show.
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I absolutely love Deanerys in this drawing, so cute :3
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I imagine that Viserys would be a ghost in this, finally free of his madness and is proud of Daenerys for her accomplishments and is remorseful for his cruel treatment of her.

Viserys: You did it, have your dragons, your army and half of Westero's on your get that throne and take that blonde bitch down.
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Let's just say that Viserys was a little shit who got what he deserved.
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I really love this. There is an innocence and beauty to this simple scene.
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This is sooo awesome!!! Congrats ;)
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Amazing! *3* Heart bum 
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Really lovely portrayal of them. I love it!
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Whoa so good again OwO
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Stunning artwork! The eyes especially are fantastic. I'm not sure but isn't Dragon bone supposed to be black in a Song of Ice and Fire?
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Amazing! Wincest all the way! Lol!
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My favorite TV show, and one of the most amazing fanarts. Nice work! :D
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The Dragon, cowering from the shadow of a snake
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