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Star catchers are a breed of Pony that have a plant-like tail

At the end of this tail there is a bud, this bud can be opened or closed at will. However there is no flower inside of it.
A Star catcher wanders the earth looking for falling stars.

Should they find one, they then pick up the broken star and place it within the bud on their tail, keeping it closed tightly around the broken star.
Over a period of time (within a couple of days) the bud begins to swell in size and glow softly.
Once the glow has reached its peak the Star Catcher will open the bud, revealing a soft semi-permeable membrane with an unbroken, glowing star inside.

The star, after being encased in the bud has not only been healed (so it is no longer broken) but has also been given life and become known as Star Seeds.
They can Breathe, they can eat, they can speak, they can move on their own if it comes to it, they can choose to leave the Star Catchers' bud and venture the world, but if they wander to far, the life begins to fade and they start to become nothing but a lifeless star again.
The reason for this is because the Star Seed's life force is directly connected to its Star Catcher.
Whether they are an earth pony, a unicorn, or a pegasus, they all have magic. Enough to grow a Star seed.

Most of them only have 1 star. The Star Seeds are all different sizes so two or more could POSSIBLY fit, but the thing is most only have 1 Star Seed.
2 or more would be exceptionally rare, and even looked down on by the rest of the species. To have more than 1 star would be more or less considered as if they were betraying their Star Seed. Also, since the Star Seed survives by draining the magic from the Star Catcher itself, the Star Catcher would easily become sick if it had more than 1. It would be a constant drain on the Star Catcher by however many Star Seeds it has. Because of this it makes it easier for them to get sick, some go insane, and others the strain is so much that it kills them. Its rare and its highly looked down upon, so most of the Star Catchers will not accept another star.

Star Catchers are able to have foals, just like any other ponies. However the foals are born without Star Seeds except in RARE cases!!!!

Star Catchers are unable to earn cutie marks.

Please do not add any extra Star Seeds to your Star Catcher without my permission. This is a rare trait.

Lunaria (SHE HAS A NAME NOW o3o) by April-Cakes

Star catchers are a CLOSED species for the time being.

:heart: Have a question about the species you want answered? Comment here… and Ill get to it ASAP :heart:

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may i buy co ownership?
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I'm sorry but I actually don't sell the rights to make them. It's something I'd like to keep as a privilege for close friends ^^; but I am appreciative of your interest. You're more than welcome to buy a MYO if you'd like to create one for yourself.
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right now? none that are open. they go pretty quick
CharlotteeB's avatar
okay thanks ;3 could you please tell me when there open I really want to own one there so cute <3333
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There is a DTA and two raffle adopts each month.

March Raffle Adopts (OPEN) by April-Cakes  <--these are the raffle adopts that are open right now.
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okay thanks I entered and hopefully ill win YAY!!!!
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I love this species so much ;w;
katie43441's avatar
by any chance to you have commissions for customized ones?
April-Cakes's avatar
I do but right now they are closed. I have way to much on my plate as is.
katie43441's avatar
okay! i understand! :3 thanks though
opticlens's avatar
May we do a trade for this? I give you one if my closed species you give me one of yours ^^
April-Cakes's avatar
Sorry but these are actually one of the species I am very reluctant to do trades on. I only do them with Star Catchers in rare circumstances
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Wow, awesome! I love this idea!
SL0BS's avatar
How much would a custom be?
April-Cakes's avatar
theyre not open yet
SL0BS's avatar
April-Cakes's avatar
Ill let everyone know when they open
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gummysharkcircus's avatar
the one at the bottom is gorgeous <3
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Lunaria and Starlis? thanks ^^ =Reixxie made her for me, she is the official Mascot of the species o3o
gummysharkcircus's avatar
I'm on my phone so I only see lunaria but OMG she is so beautiful! I can't wait til you open again this is one if my fave species <3
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