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Hey guys, this past year has been... An interesting one. Long story short because I honestly do not want to get into all of the gory details because it's a lot and I'm still not ready to talk about everything yet. More or less, Vowblade and I moved so he could go to school, and things just went downhill from there. We're in the process of getting divorced now. I'm currently in New Zealand with Dust-The-Harbinger (who I am now dating) and I'll be here until August 2nd when I go home and get to move back to my hometown and start roommating with Reixxie (I'm really looking forward to this)

I've wanted to come online and tell you guys this for a bit, but I wasn't ready to, and I was honestly focused on things irl. With everything going on, I haven't really been drawing. I haven't felt like it. I pick up a pencil and I get discouraged and honestly have a rough time convincing myself that it's even worth trying. I'm working on this now though. I'm coming back to dA and I'm going to start putting things back up again, I'll never get any better if I don't and this is what I want to do with the rest of my life, so I need to get back into the swing of things. I've got this, but yeah.. Not dead, I do exist and I am coming back. Be on the lookout you guys, and if there's anything you want to see, please throw some ideas my way. I'm not up for doing adopts right now, I think I need to focus on just art in general, nothing to sell.

Love you guys and I'm sorry for being away for so long.
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I’m excited to be rooming together, but I wish it were under better circumstances for both of us.
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You and I both <3
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Holy crud you've got a lot going on. I hope everything gets better for you ♥
But it is awesome to hear you are planning on coming back ~ :_:
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I am, I've missed dA just had a really hard time drawing at all lately.
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Firstly - Oh my gosh hun ;o; I'm so sorry things took such a bad turn -snugs- I've always been here and always will, you know how to get ahold of me love <3 

Secondly - Can I say how jelly I am that you're in New Zealand! So lucky! You'll have to tell me what its like out there! ^-^ 
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-hugs- Don't be, it's okay. Neither of us were really happy with each other anymore, he and I both decided we wanted the other to be happy. Besides it isn't all bad, just a lot and I've found someone I am very happy with. He treats me like a princess and I'm still trying to figure out how to handle that xD

It's gorgeous out here btw, lots of rain lately, chilly but lovely. I haven't gotten to go out to see or do much, but all the same I love it here xD
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Take advantage of the situation and get your butt out and enjoy! :D  It'd be good for you to get out there and see the place <3 Go barefoot and walk in the grassy hills even. It's very good for grounding, and it's even been shown to help with both physical and mental health Wink Emoji 

Take the new boiyo out for a picnic or something and make a day of it ^-^   

Also, I'm glad to hear he's treating you so well <3 
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xD you know what? I'll have to do that I think xD
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Good! -snugs- let me know how it goes <3
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