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For those of you who have questions about the species, please, ask them here ^^ Ill post both the questions and the answers. <3 as well as respond to them in the comments, that way there is a database for everyone to see all the questions and answers ^^;

Thanks to Reixxie showing me this skin, it definitely helps with the long list. Hover over a question to see its answer. ^^

Q: Is it possible that people could have a custom of those ponies if they don't win the draw to adopt?

A: Its very possible that I may open up customs in the future. As of now I have a lot on my plate so for now they are not open for customs.  There will also be point adopts for them, not just DTA but depending on how this one goes and how my schedule plays out I would like to submit 1 or 2 DTAs each month for the species. There will be plenty of opportunities to get one, if you don't get one this round, just be patient, more will come.

Q: What type of berries can they eat?

A: As long as it isn't poisonous they can eat it. Star Seeds very fond of any fruit or berries in general. Though it really depends on the Star Seed as to which they prefer.As long as it isn't poisonous they can eat it. Star Seeds very fond of any fruit or berries in general. Though it really depends on the Star Seed as to which they prefer. Also, depending on the Star Seed, they may or may not have allergies. But that is all up to the owner.

Q: Is there anything that can make them sick?

A: This question has technically 2 parts so Ill answer it for both Star Catchers and their Star Seeds:

-Star Catchers:

-If they have to much strain on their magic it can cause them to fall ill.

-Anything poisonous if its eaten (if this happens they need to go to an infirmary as soon as possible)

***(There may be more added to this part later.. I havent thought to much on that yet. //OTL)***

-Star Seeds:

-If they wander to far from their Star Catcher the magic actually starts to fade, when they first begin to leave the bud and wander they won't go far, more than a few feet can cause strain on both the Star Catcher and Star seed. Much like how a baby must first learn to crawl before it can walk. As the magic starts to fade the begin to get sick.

-Another way is that since they are directly tied to the Star Catcher through its magic if the Star Catcher falls ill, the Star Seed will more than likely fall ill.

-If they eat something poisonous they will vomit it back up and the Star Catcher should put the Star Seed back in its bud and close it, much like it did when it first found the star to heal it.

-If the Star Catcher becomes sick, it will pass on to the Star Seed. HOWEVER, if the Star Seed is sick, it does not pass onto the Star Catcher. The magic only goes one way. The Star Catcher will feel great remorse and shame for allowing its Star Seed to fall ill.

Q: Do Star Seeds float when out of the bud or are they carried?

A: They can float out of the bud, and generally prefer it. Though the Star Catcher often has to rest while the Star Seed is floating as it causes more of a drain on their magic. However if the Star Seed leaves often both the Star Catcher and Star Seed will essentially "train" each other to become accustomed to the strain it may or may not cause. Just like if you were to go for a 3 mile run when you never run at all it would be tiring and exhausting until your body became used to it.

Q: what exactly is the star within their bud in relation to them?

A: When a Star Catcher places a broken Star in it's bud it is taking on the initial responsibilities of being a parent. The Star Seed becomes solely dependent on the Star Catcher to take care of it, because if something happens to the Star Catcher the Star Seed goes back to being a broken lifeless Star.

The Star Catcher Society believes that the act of placing a broken star into the bud to form a Star Seed is almost a right of passage. Though the relationship between a Star Seed and a Star Catcher can vary differently depending on the character, most of them are that of a best friend or family. Though it is not uncommon for the Star Catcher to consider the Star Seed their "soul mate" There will never be anyone/anything closer to them emotionally than their Star Seed.

Q: Are they able to have more than one star? Like, I figure only one will fit in the bud, but if one is off adventuring and the pony finds another star, will the pony care for that star too?

A: Most of them only have 1 star. The Star Seeds are all different sizes so two or more could POSSIBLY fit, but the thing is most only have 1 Star Seed.
2 or more would be exceptionally rare, and even looked down on by the rest of the species. To have more than 1 star would be more or less considered as if they were betraying their Star Seed. Also, since the Star Seed survives by draining the magic from the Star Catcher itself, the Star Catcher would easily become sick if it had more than 1. It would be a constant drain on the Star Catcher by however many Star Seeds it has. Because of this it makes it easier for them to get sick, some go insane, and others the strain is so much that it kills them. Its rare and its highly looked down upon, so most of the Star Catchers will not accept another star.

Please do not add any extra Star Seeds to your Star Catcher without my permission. This is a rare trait.

Q: How far does the life in the Star Seed go? (Meaning, can they speak, are they intelligent, do they have their own personalities or do they take on the Catcher's etc.)

A: They are very intelligent, and yes they have their own personalities and can speak. But they are VERY dependent on their Star Catcher. They bond with their Star Catcher from the flux of its magic going through them and can generally sense its emotions.

Q: If a Star Catcher finds another star, but opts not to take it in, is it possible for them to bring it with them by other means, to be taken in by another Catcher?

A: It is, though this will usually only happen if the other Star Catcher is unable to find their own due to a handicap of some sort. Because the act of finding the broken star and placing it within its bud is a right of passage in the Star Catcher Society. Its a very big deal. So if one already has one, and happens along another and opts not to take it, it would weave a basket from the plants nearby and place it gently inside to bring it back to a catcher in need, if it knows of no other handicapped catcher, it will build a small shrine around the broken star in respect and move on.

Also keep in mind, that the handicapped catcher must accept the star that is brought to it, many of them wont. Simply because they will still try to go and find one on thier own, one being brought to them is not held in the same regards as it being found by them.

Q: Age old, must be asked, how long do they live? And once the Catcher dies, does the Seed die too?

A: A Star Catcher can live anywhere from 100-110 years. And when When a Star Catcher dies its magic goes fully into the seed as well as its soul, but the Star Seed loses its abilities to think, or speak, it still glows and pulses due to the magic that's still in it. A Pegasus Star Catcher will then take the Star Seed with the soul of the Star Catcher in it to the sky to where it is able to shine brightly in the night sky Still happily with its Star Catcher.

Q: How do we ask for permission to make one?

A: You just ask. But Keep in mind, I will more than likely tell you no unless you are a very close friend. I'm very fond of this species and will be very protective of it. If you ask and I say no, please do not get upset. It isn't anything against you I'm just being very cautious.

Q: If two Star Catchers mate, are the foals Star Catchers as well?

A: Yes, they are Star Catchers as well.

Q: If they mate with another type of pony, will they have Star Catcher Foals?

A: The Star Catcher Gene is dominant. No matter what there will be at least one Star Catcher foal if not more. BUT A Star Catcher must get special permission from the society leader to breed with a standard pony.

Q: What happens if there's a defect and the Star Catcher is born without a tail?

A: A Star Catcher born without a tail is given tasks around the society, it has no magic and in most cases. Think of the Squibs in Harry Potter. It is essentially the same situation.

Q: What happens if a Catcher rejects the cultural norm and opts to never take in a star?

A: Because the Star Catchers are technically only there to care for the fallen and broken stars, it would be rejected by the society. It's tail, would be taken from it and it would be sent away to live as a normal pony. In the words of the Star Catchers, "the tail is a priveledge, not a right."

Q: Does the magic only work for stars? Or would it heal a hurt animal? Can anything else even go in the bud?

A: Only stars. The magic that courses through them reacts to some of the elements in the stars only. If a star catcher were to place an animal within its bud, it would kill it.

Q: Could a Star Catcher heal a star, then release it?

A: No, if it were to release the star seed the star seed would die again because it needs the Catcher's magic to survive.

Q: How were Star Catchers created?

A: Star Catchers were made by the Queen Polaris


Polaris, being the Queen of the stars would watch as their lights faded and they plummeted to the ground, breaking, never to glow again. Knowing the healing properties of plants she picked some of her closest and most trusted subjects and imbued them with a plant like tail, giving them the healing power of plants and the mission of finding the stars to heal them. If they did well, they would be granted immortality with their star, if they failed, they would live a normal life as a normal pony.

Q: Who is Polaris?

A: She is ONE of the 2 queens in Chevalian-Empire She and her sister Crescent rule with kindness and mercy. (this will be an RP group in the future and is not yet currently open)

Q: How did you come up with the idea for them?

A: to be honest, I have always loved plants, stars, an bubbles. Theyre like.. 3 of my biggest loves. And I knew I wanted to make a plant based pony, so while I was working on one of the Vending machine adopts I started drawing a plant pony, I got to the tip of the tail and realized... Flowers are hard.. So I decided I was going to make it have a bubble surrounded by leaves.. But it seemed empty so I was going to throw in an animal and finally rested on the idea of stars. Animals were to common, and once I decided on stars I knew there was no way I could willingly change it.

Q: Can Star Catchers have thorns on their tails?

A: They can, but its a VERY RARE trait. Since theyre peaceful creatures in general, they really have no need for thorns on their tails.

Q: Can I breed my Star Catcher? If so, can at least one of the foals be a Star Catcher foal?

A: Breeding is a strict No-no without using Reixxie or I to make the foals. However they can have RELATIONSHIPS with other ponies, just no babies without permission.

Q: Can Star Catchers have long tails?

A: They can but they're pretty rare, most of their tails are little fluffballs.

Q: if a star catcher ran into a clockwork pony would they fight?

A: Star Catchers are usually a fairly peaceful race, however, they are completely against the Clockwork ponies where as the clockwork ponies couldn't care less.

So yeah, they would more than likely fight.

Q: What kind of Habitats do Star Catchers Live in?

A: They all reside within one society in Chevalian Empire. Its surrounded on all sides by dense forests. Its much like what you would see in this picture here www.iadb.org/idbamerica/images… Nature is everything to them, so they surround themselves with it. They only take what they need to survive and even then they feel guilty about it. When they wander away to find a star/star seed they can travel through any form of habitat and can really exist in any habitat for short periods of time.

Q: Can Star Catchers have a flower surrounding the bubble instead of leaves? Is it a special or rare trait?

A: its special/rare ^^; In most cases the Star Seed is considered as their flower.

Q: What happens if a star seed abandons it's Star Catcher or is taken in by another Star Catcher?

A: If a star seed were to wander off on its own, in a sense abandoning its Star Catcher, it would become the broken, lifeless star it once was. Unless another Star Catcher were to come across it and decide to take it in.

If this happened or another star catcher took in a star seed from another star catcher (pretty much what was mentioned above) they would both become VERY sick. The first star catcher's magic that is flowing in the star seed, keeping it alive, would reject the second Star Catcher's magic. The 2nd Star Catcher more or less siphons the other Star Catcher's magic from the Star Seed and replaces it with its own over a period of time. This causes both the Star Catcher and the Star seed to become sick due to all the changing levels of magic and the **different types. If something goes wrong during the process there is a very high chance that both the Star Seed and the Star Catcher will die. Because it is very difficult to do, most Star Catcher's will not attempt this "ritual" because the danger is considered to great for both parties, not just one.

**each star catcher's magic is like a carbon footprint, it's their unique signature, no Star Catcher's magic is exactly the same as anothers.**

Q: So, Star Catchers live in the Chevalian Empire; however, what if they are in a relationship with a normal pony? Could they live outside of the Chevalian Empire with their mate or would their mate live with them in the Chevalian Empire?

A: Normal Ponies are in Chevalian Empire as well. Chevalian Empire is the equivalent of Equestria. Its, a whole different area. They live in a small area of Chevalia in one of the forests ^^ Normal Ponies are welcome to come and go as they please.

Q: When a Star catcher fall in love with a normal Pony, can they live in Equestria?

A: Nope, the normal pony would have to follow them back to the Star Catcher society.

Q: What happens if the mucus bubble goes in water, or water gets splashed on it? Or if any other liquid gets on it for that matter?

A: Its Semi-permeable but since its a mixture of the Catcher's fluids and magic (the magic is what causes it to be the way it is) the magic will keep out anything harmful. That bubble is the safest place for a star seed.

It would pretty much keep anything but the star seed out and certain things the star seed brings in, like food and such.

Q: So can the stars be a boy or a girl, or are they genderless?

A: theyre genderless ^^ though they do have feminine/male characteristics or traits depending on which you choose

Q: are there any types of colours that are more common in their coats/manes than others (ex. muted vs. vibrant colours)? I've noticed they generally seem to be more neutral or earthy colours for their coats, would that be correct?

A: Nope, anything goes ^^

Q: Do all pegasus Star Catchers have leaves for feathers on their wings?

A: Yes, they do. It is one of the special traits that only they have, kinda like how the deer Star Catcher's antlers are actually branchs sprouting from their head.

Q: Are there certain colors the Stars can and cannot be?
A: Nope, they can be any color, though a pure white or pure black star seed is rare.

Q: Do all Star Catchers have sharp, curved horns? Or is that just how some people draw them?
A: Its just how theyre drawn sometimes ^^

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I just got this bub toyhou.se/4572982.frostwolf-gh…
i was wondering if they are a Star Catcher or not
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Thank you 
Just wanted to make sure
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They are a Closed Species? So Means You Are Not Allowed to Make One?
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Yes they are, and you are correct that's what that means. Although there are options to get them for free, we do DTA's (where you draw an image of that specific star catcher and create a story for it to win it) and Raffles (You answer a question and receive a number, at the end of the month. We draw a random number and if it's yours, you get to keep the star catcher.)

Right now we have adopts open here:  Set Price Star Catcher Adopts (1/10 OPEN) by April-Cakes Star Catcher adopt batch (OPEN) 3/3 by April-Cakes (1/3) Random Star Catcher Adopts by April-Cakes

and free ones open here:  Star Catcher : May : Raffle : OPEN by PygmyOwls
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This is super helpful! I just adopted one from Amber, and ahh so excited to develop her and give her some love (wanted one for a looong time). Thank you for this!
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In the answer to "What habitat do Star Catchers live in?", there is a link ( www.deviantart.com/users/outgo… ) to a map of the Chevalian Empire. I had viewed it a while ago, in October 2014, but I tried the link just now and it's giving me an error message. Is there anywhere else I could view the map?
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Sorry! I dunno how it got lost, but this is the current WIP map we have: Chevalian Map
I'm going to try to get a more permanent version done soon so I can post it and it'll be much easier to find

Thank you, and April-Cakes, for letting me know something had happened to it ^^;
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Ahhh you would have to ask Reixxie she is the sole person who holds the map >.< sorry
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How strong are Star Catcher's vine tails?
Like.. If they were to wrap it around something and lift, or sit back on it and push up? Would they be capable of lifting their body or is it too weak to actually lift anything?
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strong. They could lift their bodies
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kk, Just checking >3>
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So.. Star Catchers can live in other places and all, though most opt to stay in the Astral Forest.
Are other ponies welcome there? I mean, like to just be there, as opposed to like.. Apollo's parents, who ended up there because he was turned.
I'm curious how many ordinary ponies (or other species? The only one of mine likely would be the Trumpets.) actually live in the temples and ended up a part of the society without blood ties to the Star Catchers
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Yep :D there's a whole society
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Oh god, that mental image is priceless.
"Oh, I hear that some Angel's Trumpets live here too? I haven't seen any."
//entire town emerges from under the goddamn trees
"Hi, you rang"
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Since sea star catchers bubbles are made of sea water... could they potentially move their tail over their gils and temporarily go on land for a small amount of time?
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Their tails are really too short to do that >.< sorry
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Aww dang XD I had to ask though. 
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I have another question~

Can a star seed be multicolored? Or are they always just one color?
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Always just one color
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Ok, thank you for answering my questions!
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