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Winter Moth (Raffle-CLOSED)


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Winter Moth (Raffle-CLOSED)


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CLOSED//MTT adoptables - round 11


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Shadow Cats

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You Rascal

Devious Collection

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Stressed Jenny

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[Spring Festival Prompt] Hello Spring!


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Just Let Me Go


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[MTT] 0419 Polaroid [Active]


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Eyes coloring tutorial v.2.0


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.:Kebanzu Auction:. closed


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Grow Again

Destiny Blue

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I Couldn't Tell her I loved Her

Ok so this is dedicated to Skittykitty42 because she asked me to write something for her. I had a little bit of writers block to start off with, as it's been quite awhile since I've written anything. So I hope she likes it.    I couldn't tell her I loved her             I watched her every day             Every time she laughed, smiled, or cried               I couldn't tell her I loved her      The times her parents would yell, scream and hit her              I'd always let her cry on my shoulder         But I could never tell her I loved her              All the fights, breakups, anger    Then one day the solution came t


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Expressions in Profile Expansion Pack


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Kind heart is a garden


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Happy Dead End

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YCH ApriIIynne

For me

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Power Pony Sketches #3

MLP resources

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:Chibi OC Masterlist:

My designs

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I'm so happy to be here base


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Chibi Base One [Free to Use]

Bases and Lines I use

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'Cause Lovers Dance When They're Feeling in Love


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Lineart Walkthrough: Part 3

Nai-Alei tutorials

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CustomBox Columns tutorial

Journal CSS learning

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Page 1

Ponns Comic

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Sketch Requests

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awful Chibi Tutorial

Tutorials 2

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Coding Commissions - OPEN

I'm trying to save points for something, so I though I'd open a few slots for journal coding ^o^ This means that YOU provide all the art. I'll be the one doing the fancy CSS stuff. RULES -NOTE ME NOTE ME NOTE ME -You link me the images from stash or photobucket or something. Ie, you provide the source! -No refunds -NO REDISTRIBUTING/EDITING THE CSS. -I have a right to decline your order if it's too hard. Base Price- 300 points -This would be just a standard background journal- ie. a picture with a space for a title and a space for the text. Separate Images- -Free~ This means you have another file from the background if you have no charact

CSS examples + commission info

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March admin DTA

My Adopted Ponies

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Pet Base (P2U)

MLP Bases

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old crackly parchment texture


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Wish Paper Information

 Wish papers are by lore given when a fox grants wishes, however there is another way aside from that to earn them. These are called self fulfillment wishes. These wishes are gained through various ways involving you and your wish fox. The good thing about it, is that once you've gathered enough you can exchange your wishes for wish that allows you to get a new trait granted from the judgements. Please note that wishes are bounded to the soul that got them and cannot be given or traded around. Below are some ways of getting self fulfilling wishes. Please note: I will need help with tallying up wishes so every time you do something below that

Wish Foxes

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