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So... yeah... here it is... The one on the left is mine. the one on the right it =Reixxie's. I worked very hard on both of them, and am currently working on this style, its so fun to play with.

Anyways 2 anthro sisters. One based off of the stars, the other based off of a crescent moon. I need to name mine. And yes. they both glow

All art in this picture is © to me =ApriIIynne do not trace or steal.

Hope you like it and her =Reixxie
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© 2013 - 2021 April-Cakes
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^^ thanks I had a lot of fun making them
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Love them both! They are so beautiful! QwQ
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x3 i know... theyre just... so... awwwwwww
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I told you it would be worth the wait lmao

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yay ^^ what do I win <3 we definitely need more art of these two, it was way to fun
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lmao, Well, we gotta sell some shit and commission some people. x3
And get off our asses and make some of our own, though with classes creeping up, that may be hard.
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I know. Im actually really nervous about that.. ^^; I have no idea what Im going to do about the painting supplies... My FASFA still isnt all the way in. And that stuffs expensive. I still need to get journals, pens, pencils, notebook paper, and whatnot.. thats not even counting what Im going to have to do for painting. I hope I have like a few weeks to get the canvases and stuff...
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You'll have time, he won't let anyone touch a canvas until after you draw the first one on paper. And if push comes to shove, I do still have all of my stuff. I'll loan you my paints and brushes. I know where the paints are, the brushes may be a bit harder to find though.
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