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Happy Halloween ^^

Lite-Brite ran to Kalei's door and ran the doorbell repeatedly until Kalei answered it, looking a little grumpy. "Do you have to ring the bell so many times Lite?" She mumbled and moved aside so her friend could enter.
Grinning wickedly Lite walked in and shut the door then pulled a bag from her halloween treat bucket and tossed it haphazardly to her friend. "Get ready, its Halloween and we ARE going trick~or~treating this year" she said with determination. Kaleidescope caught the bag and looked inside to find a flowered halloween costume, knowing it would be pointless to argue she smiled softly and nodded. "Alright, give me a few and Ill be ready to go." Lite giggled and bounced on her toes as Kalei headed off to change "yay its Halloween!" she whispered repeatedly to herself.

(my first drawing of Lite's human form ^^ and yeah its kinda sloppy, not used to adobe yet.

anyways MTTs belong to :iconannicron:
Kaleidescope belongs to my good friend :iconreixxie:
and Lite-Brite belongs to me ^^ please comment and let me know what you think)
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aww they look adorable~<33
haha who wouldn't get pumped up for trick-or-treating ;3
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