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Group Hug Everyone

Recently our friend LillithCrescent was having a really hard time with some stuff and Reixxie and I really really wanted to cheer her up so we collabed on this piece and its taken awhile, because we have both been busy as well and we also have been having a rough time >.< but we finally got it done. 

Reixxie sketched, I lined, she colored, and I shaded. Reixxie also came up with the idea that our group of owllines is a wandering tribe. Unfortunately Earthen Quartz is off somewhere doing something or other. But of cours Soaring Starlight and Lunar Aria would be right there to try and cheer up Desert Toffee :D Just as Desert Toffee would be for them (I'm sure Earthen Quartz is scrounging around for a pretty stone to make him feel better or something, so it isn't like he is unaffectionate or anything, he just doesn't do much of the touchy feely stuff.)

Lunar Aria (on the left) belongs to Reixxie 
Desert Toffee (in the middle) belongs to LillithCrescent 
Soaring Starlight & Earthen Quartz (right and not pictured) belong to myself
Owlines are a CLOSED species created by Fenny-Fang (she designed each of these babes as well) meaning you may not make your own without her permission. Also, if you have the chance to get one, definitely do it. They are a wonderful species.
Art collabed upon by Reixxie and myself.
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;o; these cuties thooo <3
LillithCrescent's avatar
Zomg this is flippin CUTE xD lmao
Thank you so much ladies i love it ;w; -snugsyouboth-
Reixxie's avatar
//rolls on you with infinite love
LillithCrescent's avatar
awwws ;w; :heart: -flings hearts and eternal love at you <3-
April-Cakes's avatar
o3o *snugs back* we thought you would, so we definitely had to do this <3
LillithCrescent's avatar
-giggle- i love the expressions xD he looks like he's bothered but enduring it good naturedly ♥
April-Cakes's avatar
Yep xD I wish I could take credit for that but Reixxie did the majority of the stuff. My help was kinda useless.
LillithCrescent's avatar
Pfft - you both did a marvelous job and I adore the both of you for it -clingsandsnugs-
Reixxie's avatar
I pooped a sketch and some colors and you made it wonderful
April-Cakes's avatar
Nope, I traced a sketch, and barely shaded some colors. I didn't do much lol.
Reixxie's avatar
You did the freaking hard parts
April-Cakes's avatar
I disagree, you took a blank page and were able to sketch awesomeness. Without the sketch the lines would have been awkward and disproportionate. It wouldnt have looked nearly as good without your sketch. YOU did the hard part. everything else after that was easy.
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