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Feeling like a Cattucino

Hey there dA, been working on drawing more, and I've fallen way out of practice with my actual tablet. I've been using my iPad and apple pencil to draw for so long that I honestly forgot how to draw without a display on the actual tablet OTL. I'm all good with that, except I really miss SAI, Medibang is great and all but it's not as good as SAI for several reasons in my opinion.

So I'm trying to draw at least one thing a day, whether it be a sketch, or a finished product (like above) Hopefully I can keep up with this :3

At any rate, my little Cattucino with cinnamon, chocolate shavings, with whip cream, and french vanilla cramer! made for me by ToodaIoo a while back. I've been wanting to draw it for awhile and figured that since it's something simple I can work with that to try and get back into the hang of my tablet again :3

Please, if you like my art, follow me on my Patreon
It's where I'm going to be posting mostly, and where you can find my WIPs, NSFW, and other art posts!

Art by me
character belongs to me
Character designed by ToodaIoo 
Art done in Painttool SAI with Wacom Intuous Pro art tablet and pen.
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© 2020 - 2021 April-Cakes
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So I feel like this is a rude comparison and therefore I feel like a buttguy
BUT I get the same sad, slow, goopy vibes as the stink spirit from Spirited Away
Except I bet this smells WAY better

That said, this is adorable as heck
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xD I'm glad you like it <3 cause I'm proud of it
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By the by, I didn't think you took your tablet?
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definitely did xD been using it all morning. Had to blow some SERIOUS dust off of it though
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Fair enough, I guess I just really didn't expect it since you've been so iPad centered lately
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That's entirely because I really didn't have the space to set up with my tablet. I'm actually using a desk here xD

But beyond that, it's been such a long time since I've drawn without looking where my hand was going I'm finding it increasingly difficult. Which is why today specifically I forced myself to use it.
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You can do eet
I believe in you
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