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Ceti Custom Sheet

Rather than Linking every single one of these 14 customs.... omg... no way... I put them on a sheet and put the links to the bigger ones that are in my next to the name of it who it belongs to. Anyways, yes, the Ceti are a closed species, sorry but I love them WAYYYY to much to part with them easily... there were a few on this sheet I wanted to keep so badly... I really hope thay you all like them. QAQ

1.) ~echo9hotel [link]
2.) ~HomestuckObsessed [link]
3.) =PandaTJ [link]
4.) ~doggie1237 [link]
5.) *dark-river-mori [link]
6.) ~flippy133 [link]
7.) ~Solarfox123 [link]
8.) =Shiny-Aenigma [link]
9.) ~Kitsunegirl2000 [link]
10.) *SugaBunneh [link]
11.) =Reixxie [link]
12.) ~CompassRoses [link]
13.) ~gr33n-puppy [link]
14.) *BlueHecate [link]
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Kitsunegirl2000's avatar
April-Cakes's avatar
^^; have fun drawing it
Kitsunegirl2000's avatar
I shall! I don't draw I Do photomanipulation so it shall be even more challenging
April-Cakes's avatar
Kitsunegirl2000's avatar
Heh thank you for my new friend to play with though!
April-Cakes's avatar
doggie1237's avatar
I love it! Mine kinda looks like Anubis. Thank you so much! I hope these become popular.
April-Cakes's avatar
Im glad you like it ^^
PandaTJ's avatar
woahhh! these are very cool. U r so sweet to give some away. thank you so much. awesome designs. Im thrilled
April-Cakes's avatar
thanks ^^ I love them so much lol.
flippy133's avatar
So cool. I'm going to work on drawing him soon. The colors and design came along really well, he looks like he belongs in the sky ^_^
April-Cakes's avatar
yays ^^ im gkad you like him
flippy133's avatar
I do, I can't wait to hear more about this species sometime :)
April-Cakes's avatar
Im actually almost done with the species info ^^
Reixxie's avatar
:dummy: Pro shiz, April
April-Cakes's avatar
ty ty ty ty >.> not that you didnt see ALL of them when they were done, but you know lol
BlueHecate's avatar
:la::iconlachoirplz::iconlaexplodeplz: Oh! So happy~
April-Cakes's avatar
NeoAbyss's avatar
They are all so cool, XD
April-Cakes's avatar
^^ thanks, I think I may be making some more before to long but Idk though
NeoAbyss's avatar
Sweetness, I look forward to seeing them XD
Whenever you get them up ;3
HomestuckObsessed's avatar
<3333 omg he's perfect. ;u;
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