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My only gripe about this picture is that Rarity's horn is definitely too thick, like if it was overgrown. Other than that, it's perfect - especially the lighting.

And I guess Batty was wrong about tears being lost in the rain...
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Impressive work! I must ask you, can I use this in a video that I will be making in the future? I promise I will give full credit.
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Isn't the background 1900s London?
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Wow. Your art is amazing.
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Absolutely gorgeous piece!
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An interesting and unusual style for a memorable scene!
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Woah!!! This looks so realistic and amazing!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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don't worry rarity even princess twilight has trouble getting a manehatten taxi in the rain.
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Yes! This is a fantastic piece!

The very heavy rain is a great touch to this. In the show it wasn't as heavy as this, but you doing that kicks the emotion of this scene up a notch.
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Awesome one ! :D
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Now, that's a stunning piece you made here. Incredible work.
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I love the background soooo much!!!!
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Nope, I'm speechless.
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This is so beautiful and sad at the same time!
I love how the cold colors and the effect of the rain created this grim atmosphere!
Poor Rarity...
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Love the color!
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This is absolutely perfect. Well done!
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That's... so... amazi...:iconhnnnnngplz:
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