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Apps store optimization has dramatic effects on customer’s apps. ASO is also difficult process and you can see impact on your life but if you can invest a lot then it would be worthwhile. It can increase number of downloads by a factor of (2x -10x). Normally, we can spend lot of time in optimization process however we can end-up our writing description about apps in few minutes while submitting process. App Store Optimization and SEO is an important part and can increase percentage of users on mobile devices. Find below some tips that would optimize mobile app and increase webpage ranking and make it visible to millions of valuable customers.

App Store Optimization by appngamereskin

You should choose title wisely, it is important. Now title is basic element that must be sorted and make it better. You should keep it short and more than 25 characters. A short title can be clear and visible on small screen as well. Innovation is another key. It means title must be unique. You may catch people by using keywords intelligently.

Elements required for App’s Store Optimization

You should check the desirability and creative explainer/App’s video. Your app’s video must be unique and an innovative. You should check all latest features. The screenshot or app’s image must be attractive and not dull. Icon is basic point through which user knows the company and brand. For ASO you have to keep all things in order or correct, as rating/reviews is another important factor that can increase profit.

SEO is becoming more and more popular in all industries as businesses have to begin to understand that an increasing number of audience’s select mobile devices for search and to access the contents. 57% of audience affirms they don’t recommend this business with poorly designed site or app. 41% of user’s moves on other’s site due to tough competition or bad experience. Thus you need to provide transparent experience.   

    1-      Be Iconic

App’s icons are main thing it must be relevant and good. Your potential audience will judge you through icons. For example, people judge a book through its cover. It would also save your time and money.

    2-      Don’t use words

Words in icons are not necessary thing but you can add text on app’s store page. Words diverts user’s attention from visual aspects of icons. Icons are supposed to be visual. Now potential user can’t read icon text depends on device.

    3-      Select a visual element

Your app’s icon has impact on all users. You must select visual elements to leave good impression on users. Don’t tell everything. Summarize it. 

    4-      Use same icon on all platforms

Some users have different platform, so if you need to search an app and wants to play your game on devices then it is easy for them to download. Now user will find game or app in store in seconds. 

    5-      User correct size and format

ASP means providing users with good quality. It means use correct size and format. Use PNG extension & its size should be 1024 x 1024. It is biggest size required for publishing.

    6-      Be creative

Don’t get afraid from creative work. Make something different from crowd. You need to follow some rules to achieve target and to grab user’s attention.

    7-      What’s in name?

Selecting a right name of game or app is important for App store optimization. It’s search is one of top methods that user find new game or app to download on all main platforms. 

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Submitted on
November 20, 2017