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Promise and Prophecy
Her eyes silently
express meaning, rich
mixture of ideas
and feelings which no words
are yet ready to
Her gaze inspires songs
of sublime mysterious
beauty, resonating
with what dwells within
her sensitive yet
mighty heart.
Her smile embodies
promise and prophecy,
depths of love and vast
fields of vision that
summon new worlds into
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 7 7
Days of Exile
My tribe has been far
scattered; these are days
of exile.
My people: dissidents,
citizens of an
undiscovered country,
peering through cracks in
existence to catch
a glimpse of larger
Forced into shadow,
compelled to hide in
plain sight, we gather
infrequently, seldom
permitted to experience
moments of authentic
Yet we persist, poke holes
in the facade, leaking
out bits of light and truth
to sustain the remnant,
souls who yet dare to
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 7 3
Unrequited Love:
How I wish I could
quit you.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 8 1
No Other Path
My life would be
much more simple and
less complicated
if I could stop falling
in love with souls unable
or unwilling to
love me back.
But thus far my heart
seems to be one that
can find no other
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 7 4
I sought pathways remembered
of old, Thin Places
where I had encountered
and been acknowledged
by illuminating
Spirit, embracing who
I am, dancing with all
I was becoming.
Now I find that Powers
and Authorities have
been busy: barricading,
assembling, Thickening,
working to silence
haunted whispers, block
ethereal flow.
Yet Remnants linger:
hints of glory that was,
that again will be.
Merlin's call, Tennyson's
verse urge me onward:
"Follow the Gleam."  I glimpse
streams of color and light
revealing hidden
contours, magic etched
into fabric of all
that is.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 8 10
Hard to Escape
At this point, it is
hard to escape the
conclusion that if
my soul-mate exists,
she is, as am I, a
time traveler, and we
keep meeting in the wrong
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 9 12
First Song
Troubles small and large
arrive as legion,
assaulting consciousness
with near-constant barrage,
threatening to overwhelm
with dread and despair.
But cicada's first song
finds me unexpectedly,
gentle but insistent
reminder that summer
is yet newly dawned,
season of light and life
in which thousands of
glorious moments
wait to ripen and
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 5 3
Distant Star
I walk alone, refugee
on my own native
soil, alien among
my own kind, yearning
for spirits kindred;
finding only truncated
connections, relationships
that cannot survive
beyond superficial
But suddenly, light
from distant star, love
from distant heart dawns
above farthest horizon,
searching with intention
until deepest fathoms
of my soul are touched with
tender, intimate
Doors shut since long before
memory can grasp now
open to possibility,
to hope that what was lost
may yet be found, what
was broken may yet
be made whole.
Melody both ancient
and new surrounds and
permeates my spirit;
every breath and heartbeat
echoes to celestial
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 8 6
All I Can Find
I long for meaningful
connections, for bonds of
deep affection to
sisters and brothers,
fathers and mothers,
daughters and sons in
sincere communities
of Spirit and Truth.
But all I can find
are the well-organized
franchises of the
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 7 12
My real home
can only be found
on a map of places
that don't exist.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 16 6
Mission Statement
To prepare and equip
students to defend
against the dark arts of
prejudice, conformity,
and ignorance.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 6 0
All Who Wait
Get me out of this
office; unchain me
from this cubicle;
spare me the insanity
of your spreadsheets.
I must get out, beyond
these walls, those you can
see and those you can
I need to sing sweet songs
with Sufis, dance with
wandering Daoists, drop
knowledge with mad drunken
Pentecostals; to
imagine with Prophets
and Poets, Druids
and Bards, Seers and
Seekers, Mystics and
Magi, Lunatics and
Lovers of the Moon, and
all who wait eagerly
for starlit hours when minds
may grow to fill vast
empty spaces with visions
and wonders, with miracles
and signs of glorious
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 7 4
Without a Syllabus
I've thrown out the rubrics,
burned the pre-planned and
outcomes.  From here on
we teach and learn and
unlearn without a
syllabus.  Our class
meets here and our class
meets now, wherever these
dimensions may find
themselves to be.
We shall make our ears and
eyes, minds and hearts like
vast thirsty sponges,
ever embracing
wild curiosity,
gleefully rejoicing
that our peculiar
addiction neither has
nor needs any cure.
We will re-member
the long-forgotten;
we will discover
that not yet known;
we will imagine what
has never yet been
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 5 3
Her Mighty Heart
Many tales of Dragons
describe fierce beasts greedily
hoarding gathered gold;
destroying any who
oppose or annoy,
breathing volcanic flames
to roast and boil pesky
knights in their armor
(which makes them crunchy
and good with ketchup).
But a young dragon
of my acquaintance
resembles such stories
not at all.  What bursts from
within her mighty heart
is no consuming nor
destructive fire, but
generative energies,
imagining and
forging new wonders
into being.  Her vast
wealth consists not of
hoarded riches, but her
many creations of
joy and delight,
works she gives freely
to those blessed to cross
her path.
She is the rare and
precious sort of being
who adds to the sum
of light and love in
existence, making the
world better merely
by being in it.
Into any heart touched
by her magic she speaks
gentle but powerful
enchantments for bright suns
and strong winds to grace
the skies before them.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 10 12
Home No Longer
I made long journey home
to find Home no longer
was; in its place drifted
fragmented feelings,
segmented voices
whispering echoes of
memory across
landscape re-imagined
and re-built into
spiritual oblivion.
I now find myself an
exile, ex-patriated
from my own story,
un-tethered from moments
and places where defining
connections were forged.
Departing this path that
was, I go further,
stepping up and stepping
out of this Plane, my soul
already declaring
unspoken allegiance
to a Realm beyond
tomorrow's horizon,
resonating with rhythms
of unwritten histories
waiting to unfold.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 7 3
Nocturnal Rainbow
Sister Moon appears
un-looked for, peeking
through gap in stormy
night sky.
Around her shine subtle
but singular colors:
lunar glory refracted
into soft, nocturnal
Meaning echoes deeply from
this rare manifestation,
bypassing mind and
emotion to speak
directly to my soul,
ushering me into
the thin places, wherein
barriers between
what is dreamed
and what is
grow permeable;
where questions I had not
dared to ask are embraced
by the promise of
all that aches to
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 4 7


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