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Vienna Experience 6.2


Vienna Experience 6.2

Thanks for viewing the Vienna Experience 6.2! The following description will tell you all about this new release of the Vienna Transformation Pack.

The pack has been uploaded to DeviantArt in order to have a fast and stable server. Will be upload to a secondary in the future

Not the biggest update ever, but it was a much needed one. Now featuring a new visual style and an update Panels System. Many bugfixes, some updates and some little changes.

Feature List
A lot of things are still the same but with some subtle changes.

Installation system
Finally an installer for Vienna. Powered by CustoPack Tools, this installer is easy and highly customizable


Panels System Suite
Panels System is the Vienna Experience's own Rainmeter suite. It has been made by =poiru and it mixes advanced Rainmeter coding with an easy to use interface, which makes it easier to use and control. It has been updated to the latest version featuring some bug fixes and a welcome menu.

Minor modifications:

CD Art Display
CD Art Display Beta 3.0 has been supplied, aswell as 2 skins, one for the Panels System suite, and Kaori, my own skin.

These cursors worked out great with Vienna 5, so we decided to use it again in Vienna 6 experience. These nice cursors, made by ~musicislife1995 go along great with the Vienna style.

A custom logon has been made by me which fits with the Vienna 6 experience. An application to change it is included.

Major modifications:

Visual Style
A new version, a new visual style. Elune by :devmihitrimatrix: is now the default style, as it fits perfectly in the Vienna design spirit.

File modifications
Vienna Experience includes many dll file modifications, all integrated in the installer, for easy installation!

Q Does this work on Windows XP/Vista?
A No. The Windows XP version has been archived and is no longer supported.

Problems? Please contact me! You can note me here on dA, or you can send me an email to my personal email address, which is


Official website
You can find more information at the Vienna website, which is here. [link]
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Hi AppliArt and anyone who can help,I love this Custopacks skin and have read through all the comments from other users and cannot find a fix for a problem that seems to have been experienced by some users, and now me.The skin installs and runs fine but the visual style is not Elune just windows default although in the edit skin settings, visual style field it is set correctly.
All other Custopack skins including Elune work fine,please could someone help me with this issue on Windows 7 sp1 on a patched system also running 7tsp.
Many Thanks.

Does,nt matter sorted it myself,screen shot the 6.2 wall, installed 6.1 which I preffered anyway, added the Elune(below) visual style to it, set as default , then saved it under a new name,deleted the original and installed the moded version......   works for me,got the best of both worlds.
Hope this helps someone else as a work around.