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Kaori Pro Glass

Kaori Pro Glass for CD Art Display

Kaori now suits your desktop too.

What's this?
The new Kaori Pro Glass is the first Kaori featuring fully transparent goodness, with Aero Blur support.

Extract the Kaori Pro archive. Now, simply execute the Kaori Pro Glass.cskin. Cd Art Display will restart automatically and the new skin will be loaded.

Other Kaori variations
Kaori 1.1 // Where it all started, basic Kaori // [link]
Kaori Lille // Slimmed down version // [link]
Kaori Weiss // White version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Cover // Smallest version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Vertical // Vertical version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Pro // More streamlined version of Kaori // [link]

Linux nephews
Kaori now has 2 great looking Linux counterparts! You can check them out here
[link] by ~xegi90
[link] by ~gabriela2400

"Kaori" is actually "Kairo" but I misspelled it for some reason. But for some reason it sounded better.

~AppliArt for creating Kaori.
© 2010 - 2022 AppliArt
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Amazing!! : D

ThePf7's avatar
Great skin.
Very elegant. Thanks.
Slifer2006's avatar
This is f***in' awesome! Keep em coming!
ZhengFeng's avatar
Great skin, a collection. . .
zurbaua's avatar
it looks nice! :)
ShippD's avatar
looks awesome
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
good man maybe add some blur haw.haw. =)
hunskelper's avatar
Fantastic, simple and elegant.
AppliArt's avatar
Well, thank you!
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