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Kaori Cover

Kaori Cover for CD Art Display

Kaori Cover. It won't get smaller than this.

What's this?
If you though Kaori Lille was small, think again. This is Kaori in it's purest form. It has all the basic controls you need combined with the class Kaori has.

Extract the Kaori archive. Now, simply execute the KaoriCover .cskin. Cd Art Display will restart automatically and the new skin will be loaded.

Other Kaori variations
Kaori 1.1 // Where it all started, basic Kaori // [link]
Kaori Lille 2.0 // Slimmer and professional // [link]
Kaori Weiss // White version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Cover // Smallest version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Vertical // Vertical version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Pro // More streamlined version of Kaori // [link]
Kaori Pro Glass // The transparent Kaori Pro // [link]

Linux nephews
Kaori now has 2 great looking Linux counterparts! You can check them out here
[link] by ~xegi90
[link] by ~gabriela2400

"Kaori" is actually "Kairo" but I misspelled it for some reason. But for some reason it sounded better.

*AP-GRAPHIK for creating fooSoft.
~AppliArt for converting and creating it.
© 2010 - 2021 AppliArt
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limprevisible's avatar
Hi, Is it possible to bring this theme for the app Simplify: [link].
Thanks ;)
I can't install this. When I click it, it says Windows doesn't recognize the file format.
enjikaka's avatar
I kind of just had to make this :P Took about 1 hour to code :) [link]
abu46's avatar
very nice
best version yet;)
Slifer2006's avatar
Kaori just become smaller and smaller over time. This is really good :)
AppliArt's avatar
I won't get smaller than this. :) In fact, a much bigger Kaori is coming soon! :)
Slifer2006's avatar
Yup, i know :D
Great news! I'll be waitin' for it :)
Red-Steel's avatar
awesome skin man! it's really something :D:peace:
bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
This is just.... Pure awesomeness!

Love it, great job :D
AppliArt's avatar
Thanks alot! For being it a quite simple skin, i didn't expect it would turn out to something this great! And it seems like people really love it! :)
bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
Yep, simple skins are the ones people loves these days :)
AppliArt's avatar
I just noticed that quite alot people viewed it, but only 92 downloaded it. CAD isn't very popular as it used to be...
bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
Yeah, my skins doesn't have many downloads either. But as long as some people like and use them :)
falanga's avatar
zurbaua's avatar
aww.. beautiful! !
totally love it!
alonzoh's avatar
this one looks fantastic with dark vs, my new favorite. thanks for sharing ~AppliArt :thumbsup:
samjonesx's avatar
Amazing! <3 it
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