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[A/N: All characters are listed as 18-year-olds or older, got an idea and couldn't help typing it out]

Eric Clarke daydreamed during class, it was a boring High School class on calculus. Eric was your average B-student in class, having a decent number of friends in his social circle. He was decently built, standing a proud 1.8m tall with a slim body toned by exercise and discipline, muscles on his torso, arms and legs defining his stature. His mind was over the moon, officially going out with his old friend now partner Lisa Collins and meeting her parents a few days back.

What started off as a joke back in Elementary School, blossomed into a deep relationship between the two. Lisa was the lonely fat girl back then while being weird and smart. Her shouting the answers out during class was a common sight. She had long messy pigtails paired with her chubby face, always wearing a thick cotton sweater of black and yellow no matter how hot it was, playing with dead bugs and small animals back in Elementary School. Old classmates dared Eric to hang out with the girl, but turns out it was a blessing in disguise. The two bonded over playing with dead bugs as action figures, before finding out they were born days between each other (Eric was born 2 days earlier than Lisa) and having their common interests in video games and YouTube channels. Soon, it was quite common for the two to hang out, Lisa no longer sat alone at the lunch table, and began coming to Eric’s house to play games together. Lisa never allowed Eric to come to her house, claiming it was messy every time he asked. Eric may have lost some friends from this, but he gained a true buddy he sees eye to eye.

The two continued being together through Middle School and now High School. Puberty graced Eric with a decent build, while Lisa remained almost the same. She now stood at 1.5m tall, while still having a thick layer of belly fat and a flat chest. But her fashion sense changed, instead wearing crop tops with an unzipped leather jacket, paired with a pleated skirt, exposing her midriff. The two continued hanging out together, before finding their feelings evolving. They shared their dreams, Eric wanting to become an engineer while Lisa dreams to be a lawyer. Eventually, Eric began finding himself falling in love with the inner girl within Lisa, mustering up his courage and confessing his love the moment she turned 18. Lisa accepted it, happy that her friendship-turned-crush finally became true.

Eric was finally invited to Lisa’s house, to meet her parents, and turns out, the Collins were loaded. Eric was surprised by the massive home surrounded by hedges and an iron fence gate two times his height. Her father, a renowned surgeon and her mother, a prestigious lawyer, questioned Eric, ensuring his love was genuine, teasing him with a lie detector test and other things despite their only daughter’s protest. Learning more about Eric, the two began to accept the new boyfriend, happy that their daughter found love, one that sees her inner beauty and not her wealth.

Back in class, the school bell rang and the teachers were switched, the two were lucky to have their seats assigned to each other, Lisa attentively listened to the class introduction from the literature teacher while Eric got bored and pulled out his phone. Finding a website, he downloaded an app called “Reality Editor 1.60”. Launching it and giving his details, he was greeted with a chatbot interface.

“Alright class, time to hand in your homework, the essay on the book review, y’all had a month, and it’s worth 10% of your grade.” The teacher called out. Eric’s heart sank to the floor, remembering that he did not do the assignment, procrastinating on it. Noticing some faces turning sour, he realized this was a fate he could not escape. Seeing his girlfriend pulled out a thick document for her review, Eric jokingly decided to type into the app. Ticking the checkbox "User is aware of his/her changes", Eric typed, “I remembered doing the assignment well, doing it with Lisa over the past month, discussing and learning a lot, ready to hand it over today.”, before hitting enter.

The teacher came by to his desk, Eric explained that he had forgotten about the homework. Before the teacher could scream at him for missing such an important assignment, Eric felt a poke on his back, turning around it was Lisa, giving him a confused look. “What do you mean, Eric, it’s right in your bag.” Eric took a look at his bag, noticing his completed assignment. Sheepishly, he pulled the document out, before handing it over to his teacher, apologizing for the miscommunication with a grin. His teacher changed back to a neutral expression, taking Lisa’s submission as well before leaving the two alone. Confused, Eric took a look at his phone, before memories flowed into his mind. The lines of the book that he read while bored were recited, remembering the calls he and Lisa shared talking about their ideas on the book, before typing, printing and packing it into his bag today. Before class started, Eric also showed off his document to Lisa. “Holy shit, it works,” Eric whispered to himself.

Glancing at the app, he wasn’t sure what to do with it, what does he go next. Suddenly, an idea popped in, recalling all the tall, busty, muscular girls he fantasized about. Eric debated with himself about changing Lisa, questioning his love for her. Curiosity took the wheel, and Eric began typing away.

“Show me Lisa’s current statistics.” The app generated the following

Subject: Lisa Collins

Age: 18

IQ: 170

Job: High School Student

Personality: Wild, Helpful, Weird Sometimes

Friends: Few

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Eric Clarke

Hair: Long Messy Hair in Pigtails, Black with Purple Streaks

Eyes: 20/20

Height: 1.5m

Weight: 70kg

Figure: Chubby

Breast Size: Flat

Ass Size: Large, Flabby, Round.

Thinking another second, he began typing. “Lisa does not know about the changes I make. Lisa was hit hard by puberty, and blessed with curves. We trained together to stay fit. She is also good friends with the current School Queen Stacey Hall.” Hitting enter, the software buffered before spitting out a prompt.

Subject: Lisa Collins

Age: 18

IQ: 170

Job: High School Student

Personality: Wild, Helpful, Weird Sometimes, Slightly Outgoing

Friends: Many, Mostly Girls

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Eric Clarke

Hair: Long Neat Hair in Pigtails, Black with Purple Streaks

Eyes: 20/20

Height: 2.2m

Weight: 95kg

Figure: Hourglass, Toned

Breast Size: 36I, Perky, No sagging

Ass Size: Large, Tight, Round.

Facing Lisa, Eric braced himself for the changes to do its magic, and they did. Starting at her midriff, Eric witnessed the fatty layer shrinking towards her core, disappearing with her abdominal muscles began poking out and taking its place, showing an 8-pack. Eric compared it to his 6 pack, feeling inadequate. Her waist began narrowing, giving the planned hourglass figure.

Lisa’s arm began losing its flab, thinning to show defined muscles while remaining slender. Some memories began to flow into Eric's mind, recalling that the two went to the gym and lifted weights, Eric guiding her along the way, the two doing the hard grind together, Eric pushing her hard to go forward.

Lisa's hips widen, surpassing her shoulders. Her ass began tightening from working out, while remaining large and round, a good 6 inches out, cushioning her body from her wooden chair and pushing her upwards. Her thighs began thickening, some of her muscles showing definition on her smooth skin. Eric remembers doing weighted squats and running with her, not skipping leg day with her.

Her face began losing her chubby look, narrowing into a heart shape. To others, the difference would be night and day, but Eric recognised the look no matter what, it was still his sweet Lisa. Once done, her torso, arms and legs were stretched, giving her long legs that are strong and muscular while slender, keeping the feminine charm, her torso and arms lengthening, elevating her eye level while keeping a balanced ratio. Lisa remained oblivious to the changes as expected.

On to the fun part, Eric sees her nipples poking out initially, before what seems like her old fat began accumulating behind the two, forming mounds. The two inched out, pushing against the yellow crop top as it adapted to their new size over time. Getting big, they eventually grew past where her leather jacket was, showing the yellow cloth to the world. Her breasts continued growing, and Lisa unconsciously let her new breasts rest on her table. The crop top, trying its best, succumbed to showing some underboob, neurons activating within Eric’s mind. They slowed down before eventually stopping at the desired I Cup size, staying perky on her chest. Lisa was now the most voluptuous student in school, beating some teachers.

The final adjusted memories began hitting Eric. Puberty hit Lisa like a truck, her metabolism burning her fat while allocating them to her tits and ass. She remained self-conscious before embracing the body, showing them off proudly. Lisa was good friends with the School Queen Stacey Hall, the head cheerleader who helped Lisa with the styling.

Lisa finally noticed Eric gazing at her, before smiling back. Eric snapped out of his daze, noticing Lisa, smiling back before continuing class. Class eventually came to an end, before the two walked out. Lisa stood up with her bag, now towering over everyone. The couple walked out of the compound together.

Along the way, Lisa skipped on the pavement as Eric followed suit, “Is this a dream?” he thought as he pinched his thigh, feeling the pain. It wasn’t a dream. He now has the prettiest girl as his girlfriend, both inner and outer beauty in his eyes.

Lisa looked back at Eric, a smirk appearing on her face as she sized up her boyfriend as the evening sun reflected off her pigtails. She then sprinted towards Eric, hugging and spinning him around. Eric now buried in her tits, enjoyed the soft and firmness it exudes, reminding him it wasn’t a dream. Finishing the spin, the two shared looks at each other, the two sharing a quick kiss on the lips. Lisa gave a smile, swearing “I love you” loudly towards Eric, to the stare of some onlookers, the two blushing from their gazes.

Letting each other go, embarrassed with what just happened, Eric grabbed her hand, running away together, escaping the scene quickly. Out of the area, the two slowed down to catch their breath.

“Want to head to your home to settle today’s work? We can chill with some games later.” Eric suggested. Lisa proudly nodded, as the two walked home, hand in hand.

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