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[MMD] Sportswear Outfits (+DL)

I'm back!... with these awesome outfits
made by elliesimple! Heart 


If someone will not credit the original creator
I'll take the download down!

- AppleWaterSugar (for the MMD Edit)
- elliesimple (for the Sportswear Collection)
 - EA & Maxis (for the GAME)

- The pack contains a Hoodie, Bra, 2 Joggers, Shoes
and TDA Fit outfits. (like on the prev. picture)
- Contains the base mesh, so you have to download
the textures on BubbleStar-Chan's page!
- Smooth Mesh!
- Fits TDA BASE too!
Enjoy! Meow :3

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Tools Used:
 - PMD Editor 2.0
 - Blender
 - Sims4Studio
© 2018 - 2021 AppleWaterSugar
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Models will not load into Miku Miku Dance until you don't rename the extension from ".Pmd" to ".pmd".

Namely, the extension must be ALL LOWERCASE!!!

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l'ed, super good!

CJSmileyz's avatar
This is soooo what I needed! Thank you for this ^^
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May i use the pants please?

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MMD-Mall Approved because user had gotten consent from original mesh creators
Screen Shots were shared of consent, it may be used in MOTM Entries.

You don't have to respond to this, this is just so users know this is allowed in the mall and didn't slip by
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Wow perfect !! Thanks a lot ♥
ScarMoonYT's avatar
the dl won't work
AppleWaterSugar's avatar
ScarMoonYT's avatar
i figured it out. i was being dumb and forgot i already had the files software up to save a different outfit and thats why it wouldn't work. hehe my bad
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may i use this on a model im making for some vrchatters?
AppleWaterSugar's avatar
No vrchat, but I make an exception for you. :)
Also please credit the og creator.
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um...something wrong with the base arms... i need help..

I Need Help !!!
rawr-exdee's avatar
will do! and tysm :3
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Annyeong ! 
May I have a zip DL?
sorry if i'm asking for too much,,

May I also take the crop top out for the pink outfit and replace it with another top I would want to use ?-
shaenebell1's avatar
just what im looking for 

now to figure how to edit texture
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// Can I just use the pants instead of the whole outfit? //
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