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[MMD] Male Leather Jacket Top (DL Down)

*Update1: DL taken down (VRChat)

And now a Male Top Clothing with 4 colors by simsimi! :D
Enjoy! ^^
Sims 4 Spinning Plumbob - Medium 
 - AppleWaterSugar (for the Making)
 - simsimi (for the Jacket)
 - EA (for the GAME)

Tools Used:
 - PMD Editor 2.0
 - Blender
 - Sims4Studio

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© 2016 - 2021 AppleWaterSugar
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Nice Model……but DL‘s Down QAQ What a pity :(

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By the way....will it be back? This model is sooooo fxxking amazing TuT

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how come no Vrchat export?

Update on my previous comment, if anyone wants this, rigged or unrigged, lemme know.

Because people get really salty when an item they stole from one game gets stolen (again...) to be used on another. Dumb af in my opinion. When I get this one I'll let you know.

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  1. It's not stealing when I have the OG creator's permission to export their content to MMD.

  2. I only had the permission to export this item to MMD. Only MMD.

  3. VRchat is full of 'scammers' who make characters for money and the creator did not gave me nor anyone to make profit from his free content.

:shrug: Taking 10 mins to learn how to get items directly from Sims resource and bring them into blender from Sims Studio was the best decision I ever made. Waaaaay more items on there than having to wait for someone (like yourself) to upload them on here.

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I've never told a single soul to wait for anything I have or will upload... but I mean.. sure? go ahead? Do what you like I don't care, as long as it doesn't include me or the other creators I have talked with, but better think about the consequences. Just saying. xoxo

(ps. the irony in your first comment is TREMENDOUS)

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AW damnit. DL down.

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I love this so much.! it looks great in the game.
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Thanks; it so sexy *//^//*
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hey how do you make that?,i want to know.
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This top clothing is made by simsimi.
I'm just exported it from Sims 4 to MMD. :)
But I think it's made in Blender.
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