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MLP: IvH page 37 and 38

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Au revior, Concord! We knew thee well.

So yeah, from here on, Concord will not be seen again until the end of the comic (whenever that may be). Hopefully, he has a happy landing.

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Sh** they’re onto us

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Ok, so the current state of their mission:
-One of them is insane
-The only one they knew who could help them get out of this worl is petrified
-They are stuck in a hellish nightmare full of bloodthirsty killers
-I don´t think Twilight will get the idea to tell Fluttershy that if they don´t save this world, theirs might be the next to get destroyed

Meaning: They´re f*cked.

Shadow Lock (one of my OCs, as well as the last pony you should ever trust): "Well, hello there. Am I correct to assume you are in need of help? Now, please allow me to offer said help."

(Sorry, couldn´t help it. I just kicked him out of my fanfiction recently, and now he´s a bit bored, so I squeeze him into my comments every now and then so he doesn´t sneak back into my fanfiction)
Wait, why did that happen?
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Ok shit just got real! yet didn't think whoever/whatever shot him would cause him to get stoned literally, injured maybe but not that!Oh Shit plz   
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Remember Discord's fight? Pure Harmony and Pure Chaos cancels each other.
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True, but Concord said the Elements of Insanity are Fueled by Fear instead of Chaos!
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Maybe he represents Courage? I forgot a lot of this story.
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Who knows, all I hope us that whoever or whatever shot him doesn't try to Smash him!😨
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Oh he super dead.
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