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MLP: Insanity vs. Harmony revamp cover

For now this will be my cover until I can give you something new to look at.

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Old Cover

Things in Equestria are as happy as ever since Princess Cadence's royal wedding and another Grand Galloping Gala is about to start, but when an ominous vortex appears above Canterlot the Elements of Harmony attempt to take action to defend their world. However, whatever they had to face is something they're completely unprepared for and can be overwhelming...

WARNING This comic may start off a little slow in the first chapter. This comic is not in any means G-rated. Such R-rated content includes blood and gore, adult language, mild sexual themes, excessive violence, drug and alcohol activity/reference, and disturbing imagery. If you are weak to the stomach and afraid of such content this comic might not be of interest to you.

Throughout the comic, I will be asking for volunteers to put their OC's in the place of blank ponies (not including alicorns).

Prologue............Page 1
Chapter 1............Page 3
Chapter 2 ............Page 30
Chapter 3............Page 52
Chapter 4............Page 100
Chapter 5............Page 139

EDIT: Upon request, I decided to label this as mature content, but believe me when I say that this image is tamed compared to the rest of the comic.

UPDATE: Pages will now be translated. Click the link and check to see if it's being offered in your language.

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My Little Pony © Hasbro
Friendship is Magic © Hub
MLP Characters © Lauren Faust
My Creepy Pony Characters, Story, Plot, Pages © AppleStixTime

Inspired by:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
MLP Characters
MLP Grimdark stories
The Multi-verse Theory
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dfbdfgh's avatar

my childhood is over

goodbrony's avatar
I'm getting the strangest combo of silent hill and archie sonic the hedgehog vibes from this.....

Btw I don't know if you still need any ocs for background characters, but if you look in my gallery, I have a Pegasus stallion named Acoustic who you can use!
AppleStixTime's avatar
I'm always looking for new OCs to feature in the comic. There's enough room for all OCs to appear. I'm not completely sure when I'll feature your OC, but I'll credit you when the time comes. Thank you for volunteering.
goodbrony's avatar
Can you send me a link when you post his page? Oh and thanks!
AppleStixTime's avatar
I believe DA sends an automatic notification to you when your username and link are used in the description, so personally sending you a link to the page won't be necessary, but in case the notification doesn't go through, I'll send you the page upon uploading.
AnimeCitizen's avatar
me like this cover!
mari1201's avatar
Can 13 year old read it
momo-malt-gern's avatar
Depending if you can resist it. It contains a lot of gore.
Ignatian-Mystic's avatar
Holy shit... a Satanic Element of Magic? That's... definitely hardcore...
MlpDoodleDraw's avatar
Scarred-Animal's avatar
I have a unicorn, a Pegasuses, and a vampire pony that you can use. They're all females and age 16.
AppleStixTime's avatar
Alright, thank you! I'm not sure when I'll be using your characters because I lost my list of OCs and my plans for them, but I'll make a note of this.
Scarred-Animal's avatar
No prob and it's alright. Take your time. I know how it feels to loose a list. Also, I'll be making other ones as well. Feel free to use them if you want.
KillerShark101's avatar
They don't stand a freakin chance.
Princesslunamoon77's avatar
Dear god  this is Gordy its so scary.
agakikama's avatar
That Awesome Comics, I'm waiting form continue...
megaabbystar's avatar
Fight4tru-love's avatar
what are those melted things behind Twilight the ones that kinda look like wings?

what's with the metal wings?
newflutterpie's avatar
saw this when i forgot my password!
nessa191's avatar
Love this new cover
EllyCooArts's avatar
You might need to mature content this
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