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But I thought it was just soup

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I wanted to get this up last night, but works okay as a new years pic.
I recently got the DS version of one of my all time favourite games. And I'm loving every minute of it :D
Fellow fans will instantly recognise what part of the game this is

However the dialogue seems to have changed, I can't help but feel the game has been 're-translated' a lot of scenes make a great deal more sense.

So Yeah Happy new year all, hope you all had a good one and partied like it was 65,000,000 BC and you didn't drink too much 'Skull Smash'

Chrono Trigger (c) Square Enix
Art by me

I always thought the idea of a soup induced hang over was strange.
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WallarooHobbyist General Artist
Poor Chrono! Ayla' s not feeling a thing, but Chrono now knows
why they call that stuff "Skull Smash!"

His handover is gonna be HUGE.

(And now I know why Ayla  had that bender after that battle... BLEAGH!!!!)
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MaxmanrulesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh…should have made "peace" with the Reptites afterwards and fed them this soup; see how they like it. Very nice picture, by the way. Interesting job on the color scheme.
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Cute!!! ^^
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LOL, poor drunk Crono! XD He looks like he's gonna be sick! I always thought the "soup" had alcohol in it! XD
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"the soup seems to have an effect on humans"
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KatzyHobbyist General Artist
That whole part made more sense with the new translation. :nod:
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Theo-VanGoghHobbyist General Artist
It is great! I love that game :'3, I also want the DS version, even with the new translation e_e
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Yeah, it was changed. Most noticeable was Frog's. Considering he was the only one that talked like that in that era, I find it makes more sense. One game that ages amazingly well. XD
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"This skull-smash! In morning, skull feel smashed!"
XD Oh I love that part, and Ayla's hangover is even funnier.
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hehehe, poor Crono. Dude can save the world, but can't hold his liquor.
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X'D You've got to love that party scene! And Ayla just plain rules as a character! And, yeah, I've always envisioned her and Crono as bros.
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Haha, great game, great art, and I adore the expressions. Though admittedly I felt kinda like Crono this morning.
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carolriverartProfessional General Artist
That´s no ordinary soup D: hahaha it even drunk lucca xD, chrono it´s the best and the ds version its awesome. Try to do the new ending. It helps to understand some things with the chrono chross connection.
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Lucca is rarely in my party. Ayla and Frog = PURE POWER :D
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