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What the Sh

I seriously think you should not take this seriously.
I don't know what I was thinking or doing when I made this.
It's just a ton
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This is really good but oof I can’t draw for nothing. I’ll just stay my angry mass on the floor and stick to looking at art.
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this is so helpful tho omg
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So informative. xD
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I didn't really read when I first saw this but I just want lmao in the school bus.
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this is actually one of the most helpful tutorials i've seen
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Am I weird when saying this actually made kind of sense to me? Meh. Don't care, you also made me laugh, so thanks!
Juneias's avatar
maybe I was never meant to digitally paint like this
or at least I suck at understanding tutorials.
one day..................
Arnix's avatar
Oddly enough, one of most unhelpfully helpful tutorials I have ever seen...
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hahahah this is just great!That's what I call a rage-paint :D
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This is amazing.
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It looks good. I'm glad it worked for you, haha.
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Love it, seriously funny. Could you explain step 4 a bit more in depth though? Screw up the colors/Abuse color wheel sounds like you start to add colors not in the painting from the beginning - is so it's extremely subtle. I can't see what type of colors you have added - more saturation?
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Wow thank you so much~~
sseumdo's avatar
Wow it's nice thank you
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This is actually helpful. Idk what people whine about c:
Thank you~
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It come out pretty ugly human being,but nice tutorial. I will give a try.
wildpi's avatar
this iss awesome omg
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what tool do you use to blend?
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Watercolor tool for large areas, brush for smaller areas, pen tool with low opacity for details.
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do you work on photoshop?
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I work on Paint Tool Sai.
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