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Mature content
Players of Heart Part six :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 4 17
Players of heart part five
Players of heart part five
(AN: first off! I just want to apologize for taking so long with writing, I've been so busy you have no idea. Either way! Heres the new chapter)
You were in a black dress that fell to your knees and had a tight waist.
"How are you feeling? Ready?"
You smile,"cant I keep them all?"
Doc Scratch laughs and gestures to the door,"you have half an hour."
You nod and try to remember who you still need time with.
But as you walked in it appeared you would have to.
The second you stepped into the room Nep grabbed your hand and yelled,"dibs first!" And pulled you outside.
You sat next to him smiling,"you were quick."
"Well I needed to make sure I got some time with you," he grinned,"how was your date?"
"Ross and Jaden were there right?"
" it just me or would they be super cute together?"
You burst out laughing,"I dont think they're gay?"
"When has that mattered when shipping? Tell me (f/n)... Who's your OTP?"
"Well...I really like (pairing)
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 4 20
Secret admirer
Secret admirer
The knocking on your door was more then unexpected.
Your name is (f/n) (l/n). And today is Valentines day.
You dont really mind, you're not seeing anyone so you have no reason to celebrate. You figure you'll spend the day watching some stupid rom-coms on your couch.
But as you were enjoying sleeping in, someone started to knock on your door.
You groan and roll out of bed.
It was probably just your landlord reminding you to get your plumbing checked or something. He liked to remind the tenets in the apartments about that stuff at weird times.
However, when you opened your door there was no one there.
You look down your hall but there was no trace of anyone, so you looked down.
There was a pale pink envelope sitting on your welcome mat.
You pick it up and walk back into your apartment.
Opening the envelope slowly you sit down at your table, curious as to who left it there.
'Roses are red
And shamrocks are luck
Please be my valentine
I swear it wont suck.'
Your face breaks
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 58 11
Players of heart four
Players of heart part four
You dreamt of warm clouds covering you. They were puffy and pure white.
Birds were flying overhead and cooing. You sigh peacefully.
Suddenly they turn green and start coughing.
Your eyes shoot open.
You were in your temporary bedroom in the warm bed, soft blankets enveloped you and you lay on your side.
Doc Scratch standing in front of you coughing pointedly.
"What the fucking shit bitch tits!" You yell pulling the blankets up higher on you.
"Good morning, (f/n) I trust you slept well."
"Why are you in my room?"
"I believed it was an appropriate time for you to wake up. None of out guests are awake yet, and I'm here to present you with the card detailing your first date."
He hands you the soft pink card before excusing himself and leaving you.
You sigh and open the card.
'The first date will be a picnic, the boys invited will be Jaden, Ross, Dirk, Rim, Lat and Gamzee. The limo will take you at 12:30.'
You look at your phone, 7:00.
Fucking Scratch. You did not
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 4 8
Mature content
Christmas special :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 24 5
Mature content
Players of heart part three :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 8 5
Mature content
Players of heart part two :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 9 33
Mature content
Players of Heart :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 25 20
Gone. Part three.
Gone. Part three
(AN: reader is around 23)
You and Tavros had been together for a year.
Living together for five months.
And engaged for a week.
You'd never been happier in your life.
Your parents loved him and his Dad adored you. Everyone said you were perfect for each other.
No one was surprised when he popped the question.
Well aside from you.
He had taken you to the park you went to as kids and asked you by the pond.
You fell into his arms as he placed the small gold band on your finger.
You hadn't started planning yet but you were eager to start, tonight however you were staying home together and watching a movie.
Tavros was making popcorn while you were fiddling with Netflix when someone knocked on the door of your apartment.
"I got it!" You called springing up to get the door.
You open the door to see a tall black haired man. With three scars across his face.
"Gamzee?" You say surprised.
"(F/n)!" He called smiling wide,"I'm so happy you're here! I knew Tav lived here but catchen
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 11 9
Gone. Part two
Gone. Part two
You woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking.
You wipe away the sleep from your eyes and sit up in bed.
Looks like Tavros decided to make breakfast.
You walk down the stairs to see him cracking eggs into a pan and scrambling them.
"Good morning," you say giving him a small smile.
"Hey fairy!" He's called you that since you were kids. It made you smile.
"So what are you up to?"
"Just cooking. How are you feeling? Since last night I mean?"
You shrug,"ok I guess. It just..."
"Just what?" He asked.
"I just..I guess I already knew."
"What do you mean?" He asks.
"I knew he wouldn't wait I guess I was just holding on for too long."
"I missed him too. It's ok that your sad."
"I just feel like I wasted too much time on him."
"We both did. But we can both move on now,"he grabs a cup of water and takes a drink.
"Hehe ya. Guess I can finally start dating again."
Tavros chokes and almost drops his cup.
"Woah, you ok Tavvy?" You ask giggling.
"Ya fine just uh, whent d-down the wrong
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 12 10
The witches daughter
The witches daughter
Dirk x reader. Medieval au
(An: hey! So we all know homestuck is kinda fill in the blank with some characters, so for this Rose is going to have the same hair and skin color as you.)
"(F/n)!" Your mother called from downstairs.
"Coming!" You walk down the stairs to see her putting on her cloak.
She smiles at you, short hair just covering her forehead.
"Ill be going into the woods to look for some things. Watch the shop."
"Yes mother!" You take your place behind the counter.
She walks out and you marvel at her.
Your mother was Rose Lalonde. One of the most powerful witches of all time.
She belongs to an order called the Skia's. With your aunts Roxy, Jade, and Jane.
You were currently training to become part of the order as well.
The house you lived in was deep in the woods and doubled as a shop, where you sold small potions and spells.
The woods were on the outskirts of a kingdom called Derse ruled by king David. He had two sons one your age and another around ten.
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 42 8
Human!Gamzee x reader.
He had been your best friend for years.
You cared about him more then you care about yourself.
You grew up with Gamzee and your other best friend Tavros.
You were all inseparable as kids.
You loved Gamzee's crazy personality and Tavros's calm demeanor.
The three of you spend hours running around each others back yards.
That was before everything fell apart.
Gamzee's dad left to join the Navy. Leaving him with his older brother.
Kurloz tried but it just wasn't enough.
Gamzee spent the most of his time at your place or Tav's and life was good for a while.
When he turned fifteen he confessed his love for you.
You were thrilled. You'd loved him for your whole life and to find out he loved you too was like magic.
He stayed with you most of the time.
There were days when you'd just lay together. Your hands intertwined.
He'd whisper how you were the only one who made him feel truly loved.
How he'd never leave you.
You'd tell each other everything.
You were each oth
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 28 16
Halloween costumes.
Homestuck x reader.
You were staring at your reflection in the mirror.
Kanaya had asked you over and currently had you standing where she'd work on her live models while she fetched your costume.
Apparently Rose had told her about the holiday and Kanaya used the opportunity to practice her clothing making skills.
She walked in holding your costumes in her arms.
"Alright darling try it on."
She hand it to you feel your face flush red.
The dress was pure white a little bit on the shorter side and has spaghetti straps.
This wouldn't be bad at all.  
Aside from the white and pink bunny ears and the light pink heels.
If it weren't for the fact that you were sure that it would attract the attention of a certain someone.
Kanaya and Rose were the only ones who knew about your crush.
"Kanya-" you start.
"(F/n) I worked very hard on this and I would be deeply insulted if you don't wear it."
"Darling you've had feelings for him for far too long. Its time to get his
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 12 14
Human! Tavros x reader
*tavros pov*
I sat quietly staring at my hands.
The girl who sat across the field on one of the benches was there again.
She's the reason I'm at the park today.
Well...the reason Im here everyday.
There was a small nip in the air so she was wearing an oversized sweater and reading a book.
She had been coming to the park and reading for a while now.
I had come to the park one day to escape my bully, thats when I saw her for the first time.
I had been coming to the park every day since.
I wasn't stalking her or anything, Im  just...waiting for the right moment to talk to her.
But I'm always way too nervous though.
She wad so pretty.
She had fluffy (h/c) hair, pretty (e/c) eyes, and the cutest smile.
And I...Im not bad looking, I guess.
I have dark tanned skin and a short fluffy brown mohawk.
Im not a model but maybe she wouldn't mind?
I look over at her again, she's smiling sweetly at her book and blushing a little.
My heart starts pounding.
Ok Tav. Yo
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 28 11
Mature content
Stop hitting on me :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 47 21
Babysitterstuck Jade
Babysitterstuck Jade
An old woman opened the door and smiled,"ah (f/n). Please come in!"
You walk into the house and follow her as she speaks,"now my grandson Jaden is out camping with his friends. And my other grandson Jake is out practicing with his bebe gun. Dont worry its not actually loaded, he cant tell. So I should be home around seven. Ill pay you then."
You both walk out the back door and see a little boy holding two guns and yelling 'pew pew!'
"Jake!" The woman yelled,"this is your babysitter!"
"Ok Gran!" He called back smiling.
You walk out and stand next to the boy.
"hello," he says,"my names Jake."
"Hi Jake!" You kneel down to shake his hand,"my name is (f/n)."
"Do you wanna watch me practice?"
"I'd love to!"
He continues making 'pew' sounds and you have to admit, he's pretty adorable.
After a few minutes you notice actual holes in the target.
"Hey Jake? Who else uses this target?"
"My brother Jaden," he smiles,"he's really good at shooting."
"I can tell," you s
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 59 11


A Dark Wedding (Kylo Ren x Reader)
 Will not contain spoilers for the plot of The Force Awakens but still involves some spoiler content regarding of characters, places and certain things. READ AT YOUR OWN CAUTION!
 I don't know how long I'm going to keep up with this spoiler content caution. It is pretty obvious that you should read at your own risk regarding a movie you didn't see yet but still, Star Wars did still sort of come out and it probably won't be until another week that the spoiler content will be taken down.
 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm/Disney
 You (c) yourself 
 (F/f/n)-first friend's name
 (S/f/n)-second friend's name
 (T/f/n)-third friend's name
 (Y/n)-your name
Kylo Ren sighed as he stared down at his polished mask, sitting down. He grasped it with both hands, glancing at the gleam reflecting at him from the light. He wanted to lay his fingers across the eye sockets, the smooth silver rugged lines and the widen length mouth piece. Slowly, he
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 285 42
Mature content
Earth Angel: (Reader x Psiioniic): Chapter 11 :iconsnowefox:snowefox 13 12
Mature content
Sollux x Reader - Such A Tease :iconhomestuckxfanfic:HomestuckXfanfic 28 2
[karkat x reader] name days.
[karkat x reader] name days.
inspired by the tumblr prompt:
i’m an employee at starbucks and you’re always coming in here with these long orders of triple shots and whatever, and that’s kind of annoying so i purposely misspell your name every time.

You were resting your head in your hands, trying to fit four hours worth of sleep into a minute pause. The bell rang and your head snapped up and a small smile that was on your face, dropped instantly.
The troll who walked in was slightly more fun-sized than most, but judging by the look on his face and the way he grumbled to his female friend he was less fun than sized. His short black hair was most likely straightened, due to the little curls forming behind his ears, and his eyes were a dark color, but had a red tint, and surrounded by the usual yellow. His gray skin was smooth, but flushed from the extreme cold. His black, thick sweater didn't help.
This fucker.
:iconneonskies-lastwords:neonskies-lastwords 63 11
Merry Fishmas
It was a time to remember, it was Christmas or at least the eve of Christmas. You were a little (boy/girl)  And you were about to finally go home to your new family. It had been at least three years since your original family was killed in a car accident. Three miserable years of having to cope with the tragedy.
That's a lot to put on a five year old, but as an eight year old you have to get used to calling someone else mommy or daddy. You could not believe that someone had agreed to adopt an eight year old.
"(Name)" a voice snaps you out of your daze
You look to see that it's sister Marie, probably the closest person you could say is your friend.
"Sister" you began "I'm so nervous about this, I didn't think anyone would want to take me home with them."  
"Nonsense (mijo/mija) you are a beautiful little (boy/girl) and it is by the Lord's will that you go to a loving family."
"But the other thing is that I don't want to leave you." You say hugging Marie with tears in your eyes
:iconcrimsongrain:crimsongrain 30 64
Still winning.
Karkat Vantas x Reader
Warnings: Cussing (But it's Karkat we're talking about here)

"Hahaaaaa, motherfucker!" I hollered.
"Shut the fuck up!" he shouted back.
"Never!" I laughed.
"You suck!" Karkat spat.
"You swallow," I retorted.
"Shut up, gog damn it!"
I proceeded to blow Karkat's head off with my AK47u, winning the match.
Not literally, of course. I was owning his ass at Black Ops, considering I was getting pretty damn good at it from playing against my moirail, Sollux, so much (and by that I mean doing decent but still losing to him miserably of course).
"You know what? Fuck it! Fuck it." Karkat threw his controller down and jumped up off the couch, stomping off to the kitchen. I mean, it was only the thirty-fourth time I'd beaten him, but who was counting?
I sighed and set my controller down before following the shouty troll.
"KK?" I called, leaning against the doorframe and looking at his figure slumped in a chair, facing away from me.
"What?" Karka
:iconvantasexual:vantasexual 54 10
The Daddy Series - Karkat Vantas x Reader
Karkat x Reader  ~ 

His side of the bed creaked, interrupting his oh - so - interesting dream. Seriously, Gamzee had put the crabby troll through so much odd situations he 
even had the courage to admit he was dreaming about them. As reality slowly flooded back to him, he grumbled, thinking that probably you
were bugging him. 
"Daddy.." A tiny voice called softly. And I know what you're thinking, "Karkat Vantas?! Crabby troll.. with a kid?!" Well.. yeah. That's what this series is about. And he has a wife, too! All at age twenty four! 
He blinked tiredly, glancing over to the digital clock on the nightstand. It read 6:04 AM.
"Daddy," The small voice called again. "Today is Lilly's birthday." Speaking of Gamzee.. 

Ah, yes, Lilly. The little not - so - grub. Well.. kind of. Well, anyway. Little Lilly, Gamzee's daughter who looked almost exactly like him. Well, besides her eyes. She's got her mother's
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 202 845
Oh my! - Tavros x Reader
"Tav -"
"[Name], no."
You pouted. This was all Gamzee's fault.
It all started when you were hanging out with the stoned troll, playing in the horn pile and chugging faygo. It soon turned into a brawl over the last bottle, and you accidentally gripped his horns as a boost to get to the wicked elixer’.
You managed to get the drink first, but was surprised to see a flustered Gamzee rocking back and forth in the corner. You questioned his state, but he only continued to rock, utterly mortified, for whatever reason.  
You left on a polite note, and began to ask the other trolls what exactly had happened. They all had a similar reaction(obviously less severe) and shooed you away like a small child.
Karkat was the one who told you to ask your moirail, Tavros, on the note of 'You humans are so fucking inappropriate!'
Whatever that meant.
So now you knelt before your moirail, who was so dead set on changing the subject that
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 71 12
I dare you to...: Sollux x Reader
You and your best friend Sollux were chilling in your room Saturday. 
You were bored of fucking shit up in Sims and decided to turn on a movie. "So what do you want to watch?" you ask flipping through titles on Netflix. Sollux looks at the titles passing by and finally speaks up. "Why don't we watch Men in Black 2?" he asks. "Sure, I can barely remember it anyway." You click the title and both of you lean back on your bean bag chairs as the movie starts. Once the movie starts you quickly remember it and what you don't remember is predictable so you lose interest in the movie.
You look over at Sollux who has clearly lost interest also as he plays a video game on is phone. "What're you playing?" You lean over looking at his phone screen. "It'th a game." He replies not breaking focus. "What kind of game?" You asked pressing your cheek into his shoulder. You don't know why but you had the urge to be annoying for attention. So you did. "A fighting game," Sollux says with a hint of
:iconevil-bunny2017:Evil-Bunny2017 46 6
The Mistletoe Mishap ((Karkat x Reader))
A Very Vantas Christmas
The Mistletoe Mishap
Karkat x Reader
Your feet crunched along in the white fluff that covered the sidewalk. Snow. Sometimes you loved it, sometimes you hated it. Right now you thought it looked pretty, but it was getting in the way of your mad dash to the home of one of your troll friends. It was barely twenty minutes ago that you had been pestered by the nubby horned troll known as Karkat Vantas. He had told you that he had been out shopping for Christmas decorations and reluctantly asked for your help putting them up.
You were quite happy to jump at the chance to spend time with Karkat considering you've been flushed for him for a while now. If someone were to ask you when exactly you fell hard for the swear happy troll, you honestly wouldn't be able to answer. It was just one of those things that happened. Although, you were pretty sure you had a snowballs chance in hell of winning him over. The last time you checked, Karkat was still flushed for Terezi. You
:iconxhelena-skyx:xHelena-Skyx 81 10
Mature content
Earth Angel: (Reader x Psiioniic): Chapter 6 2/2 :iconsnowefox:snowefox 17 20
Bound to You - Homestuck X Reader - Sollux Ch. 1
Several weeks in the past...
I sighed as I waited on the corner a busy city street, already late for work, waiting rather impatiently for the pedestrian walking light to blink on the little black box screen across the road. A small crowd of people stood behind me, waiting for the same signal to cross. One of them in particular though caught my moment's attention as he wasn't human. Seeing trolls in the city was uncommon to say the least; the dense human population wasn't exactly the best area for a troll to take residence in especially because racism was so typical from everyone. He had that 'I don't give two shits about what you have to say, I'm busy' look about him which proved that he could handle ignorant people's antics and just do him. He had dark grey jeans, a black t-shirt covered with a olivey-green canvas jacket. One ear bud in his ear, he stared blankly at his phone through his unusual bi-colored glasses. His short disheveled black hair outli
:iconkabukii16:Kabukii16 31 11
Karkat X Reader A Twist in My Story
A/N: Listen to this while reading! --> [link]
She always plagued his mind; His every thought. She was perfect in every way. He loved her laugh, her smile, her eyes; the list could go on forever. She was the very reason he could barely get any sleep. Millions of fantasies of him confessing his love for her ran through his brain until his eyelids fell.
Slow down, the world isn't watching us break down
It's safe to say we are alone now, we're alone now
Not a whisper, the only noise is the receiver
I'm counting the seconds until you break the silence
So please just break the silence
His face grows hot as she grabs his hand, dragging him along with her. He loved when she would get excited about little things. As they ran he couldn’t help but admire her features for the billionth time. How the wind blew through her hair and turned her cheeks a light pink.
The whispers turn to
:iconsycopathicpanda:SycopathicPanda 47 9


Hello my wonderful followers. 
So I have decided to start working on a new project. Im not sure how many of you watch it but you might have heard of a show called the bachelorette. 
The basic concept is that there are 28 guys and one girl, the guys are slowly sent home until the girl has picked out the one she wants to marry. 
Now heres what we're gonna do. 
Make your comments on here with the three people/trolls you want to see as a love interest in the show. 
Reader will be the bachelorette. 
Any humans (beta or alpha) as well as trolls (ancestors, dancestors, original) are fair game. No cherubs or midnight crew. Girls are allowed but will be genderbent in this one. 
The 28 most popular will be the options for voting. 
After each update on the story, you will have a certain amount of time to vote for who you want sent home, except the first week where 8 people will be sent home. 
Votes are to be made in the comment section of the story. 
If there is ANY fighting going on in the comments I will take the story down. 
Voting for who you want in the story starts now, you get 3 votes. If you put more then three I'll just take your first three. 
Voting for this section ends sunday at 5. 
Thanks again for following me. 
Now vote!


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