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Piggyback Ride

AKA "vicious attack by infant"


Arren playing with Brave, his little tiger friend. This is a homage to the first illustration I made of these two:
A Friend in Need by apples-ishness 

:iconcommentplz: Please give me some feedback :iconcommentplz:
What can be improved upon? Any tips on showing interaction between two characters? 

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Please do not use, edit, reupload or alter.

:star: More about the characters: :star:

Arren Ref Sheet (Formal) by apples-ishness   Brave's Ref Sheet by apples-ishness 

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Aurora Magica by apples-ishness    A Distinguished Gentleman by apples-ishness    Rocket-Powered-Flying-Squirrel by apples-ishness 

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The things that babies put in their mouths! LOL! Very cute.
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Adorable. I like pretty much everything about it, colors, drawing, subject matter etc. If I'm to nitpick the front paw of the tiger doesn't seem quite right. I do assume its a tiger or feline though.
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Thank you!
He is a Golden Tiger :)
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Projectcomment here Lil' Comment Constructivecomment 

At first glance, this looks by far soo damned adorable. It pulled me in instantly. It looks so amazing and warm, and it looks too cute. The anatomy here is way beyond amazing, and it just feels like it would be perfect as disney film (lol). The little kid is perfectly positioned, and he looks good anatomically. The tiger's bones are well defined and the fur is really good. I honestly find it hard to tell you what's wrong as it looks to me as too perfect. But, I guess telling you what I like is even better? There is only one thing that bothers me, though, and it is the tail. The imprint over the tiger's fur is too well blended with the tail, but you would think it could be better and more believable if it were in a different kind of place? It just seems to me that the lines on the imprint should not be continue over the the whole body perfectly. I know my arguement about which is not good is pretty weak but give me a pass on this one. It is just too good what you made here, and you should be extremely happy that I can't find anything else to whine over lol.

That's all I had to say. The art work is very cute and adorable, and it made my day <3 I will watch you and favorite this to see more later! Thank you for such a good artwork.
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Thank you so much for detailed feedback! It is appreciated :rose:

Just figuring out the position of the tail was a headache for me, let alone knowing what to do with the tattoo ... I think I'll figure out more of this the more I draw these two though :sweatdrop: Overhaul 
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honestly im blown away!
what may just be a simply adorable image to most, is wonderfully inspirational to me ^w^
for starters, i personally can not draw children, and yet you have perfectly captured that soft skinned, and squishy baby. even looking at the character sheet you provided shows your ability to capture that child-like innocence. its truely endearing. i also love the contrast of grey versus orange, it always paints a beautiful picture.
honestly for a quick second i though i was looking at an odd calvin and hobbs fan art before my eyes readjusted and i read down. ^w^
brave is quite the beautiful creature. maybe his front paws are a tiny bit pointed, but your shading on his hind legs shows excellent depth! really good job there. the soft tiger stripes really make him seem gentler and more approachable then a regular tiger, and he really dose look soft enough to touch. lol.
great job on both expressions! your can really see the bond. i really love brave's face. i struggle with following the patterns sometimes, but you did it perfectly with his eyes.
such a charming and sentimental image ^w^
keep it up!
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Thank you so much for the detailed feedback :)
I appreciate it greatly :rose:
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So cutee!!! Lookit the bbaaaabbyyyyyy
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Hello, first of all i want to compliment you on the very nice and smooth pose of the tiger, it looks very athetically pleasing, and the soft shading makes it pop really nice. One thing that could be improved upon is the upper Lip of the kid, it seems to be a little too big, which adds to the kind of odd facial expression of his, maybe try to make the pupils point in the same direction and make the upper lip a little more subtle, but overall i really like this one. :)
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Thanks and thanks for the feedback!
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this is humerous! :lol: :aww:
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Awww, the tiger's expression has such a playful and amusing look to it, I love it! You captured such a relaxed pose as well, a completely unaggressive stance that we are used to seeing in big felines
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Thanks for the feedback :)
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The pose an expressions are very cute! I did have a hard time noticing the stripes until I read the description and saw that he's a tiger. I think part of the problem is the placement of the watermark (which can't be adjusted much, so that's forgivable), but I would still recommend making the markings a hair darker. The front paws look a little too turned forward, but that might just be the pose. Overall though I really like this and think you did a good job! Those expressions are adorable, and I just love the lounging cat pose. Nice job!
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Thank you and thanks for the advice!
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Aw, that's so adorable. 
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You're welcome. :)
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