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The Farmer

By applePAI
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I... ONLY JUST REALIZED I NEVER UPLOADED THIS I drew it back in May LMAO. Either way, it was done as a (SIMPLER...) companion piece to The Bookseller by applePAI  (though it doesn't much look like it; I wanted them very opposite on purpose tho)! I actually drew this piece the day after, and then forgot to ever... upload it... 

Character's name is Roland! He and Morgan (from the other pic) are the main characters of a comic I've been working on the past few months--which will be finished/out sometime mid next year--with these two illusts being early style tests on how I wanted it to look :^)
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That's a nice picture. :) Looks very peaceful.
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AHHHH I REALLY LIKE THIS STYLE ON THIS TOO - I love how much simpler it is, in juxtaposition to the detailed piece of The Bookseller!! And the colours!!! 

Ahh I can't wait to see what the story's all about!!!
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I can't wait to share it!!
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pai will there ever be a day when I don't love yur art?
I hope not being this is just so lovely and complements the other piece so nicely I can't wait to see these two even more AHHH ////
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AHHHHH BLUSHES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH there will be more of them soon >:3c
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It's magnificient, i love the mood in this one, so peaceful and sweet :heart:
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Thank you so much!! :heart: :heart:
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Nicely done, i like the colors alot
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Thanks so much!
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the color palette is so interesting! O:
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im so in love with everything about this from the details to the color palette to the fact that its just flat colors yet there still is a lot of depth due to the details wtf pai youre so good im so weak im so in LOVE
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Nice design and colors
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oh hey is my son ro
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i LOV e this jsut saying  ilove it isnt enough but i dont know how to put in words how nice the colors are. it feels like an early morning, know what im saying
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I DO!! That was my whole goal with this I'M SO GLAD I ACHIEVED IT THANK YOU SO MUCH BETA
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I can't believe how POWERFUL that madly detailed line art is! It really makes the picture! Of course those vines are my favourite part, but the detail in Roland's outfit also really draws me in. So much great stuff in this picture:heart::heart:
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Aww, thank you so much!! One of my goals with these pieces/the comic was to get better/more comfortable with lineart in general, so I'm glad to know it's paid off! :'>
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