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Battle Cats Fan Art

By AppleMoonTea
Yay! Finally done with the Battle Cats fan art (minus the cats). I was having fun rendering the Valkyrie and the Bahamut but then came the background and the mood. I really hate bg's. It's so hard to think of what bg and setting will fit the characters. Let alone rendering them. I was running blindly. I need someone to art direct me about this stuff. I think I ruined it in the end. But surprisingly I didn't get burned out doing this piece like I usually do. I actually really had fun doing this. I hope it turned out well...
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What an epic scene. Bravo! :)
gtg44u7's avatar
Call this the fight of the Valkyrie
YabstaBlook's avatar
My Eyes this is SO AWESOME ^^
AppleMoonTea's avatar
Thank you im glad you think so!
alithking's avatar
Amazing and cool artwork. 
AppleMoonTea's avatar
Thank you so much!! :'( 
Hexidextrous's avatar
Wow, you did well on the two most strongest Special Units in the game.
nemeshisu-san's avatar
awesome! really like detail on wings
Helspree's avatar
What view, what grace, and the amount of brutality she will bring with her Bahamuts. Amazing artwork though, I am blown away :O
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This is really beautiful!Clap  
xCatPawzx's avatar
Where were you when i was looking for artists 🤕
Enomotarch's avatar
That is freakin amazeballs, golly gee-digital art, Batman
AppleMoonTea's avatar
Thank you!! I like the way you talk, its so goofy! :D
Enomotarch's avatar
Hahah I have my moments =p
Sorry about not watching you before, I totally meant to. I'm just swamped with notifications, and maybe I was trying to not get too distracted from my art xD
Virus-Tormentor's avatar
Wonderful piece of digital art! :omg:
Virus-Tormentor's avatar
DragonFighterMR's avatar
This is epic looking
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