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Just so ya'll know. Her height is 149cm. For us that don't know what that is, it's 4 foot 9 inches (well, technically 4 foot 88 inches). She smol.
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oh my, nice art <3 
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V.e.r.y c.u.t.e
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People are loving this girl. I read the hentai and it's alright, but she's great. Lol Indo agree
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Super cool character design! Take my watch! >:D

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Anime logic never ceases to impress me... so much effort is put in drawing a 'realistic' body, and then you look at the face, which is always such a caricature of human expression. Such a funny style.
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Someone should (with permission) give the girl a nice human head :) !
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She looks so beautiful! Very good work!
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Aww, she is super cute <3
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it's so beautiful-!:D
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Good morning, Cool!!!!!.
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What an adorable girl =3
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She looks so lovely!!

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like it, cute . . . wait !? astolfo ?

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