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This is really stunning!
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Very nice drawing.
Love the tag girlwoman :D :D
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Lovely! Love the shading, especially on the body.
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She Looks Like Jack-o From Guilty Gear Xrd!! 
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She's got style that's undeniable.
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How the people can be that awesome to do that amazing work ?! XD, BRAVO !
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Good morning friend, she's soooo sexy!!!!!!.
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Beautiful! Heart 
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She is so beautiful <3 I love what you did with her skin <3
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Twisting history
like their own 
small cocks...
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I can't even reply
the asshole's blocked me
Too bad, i almost got off
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Lol! someone from Georgia talking about "twisting history", not only that but saying a certain group of people have tiny cock so you can make yourself feel better over your own below average penis size. Poorly trolling just shows how pathetic of a person you really are, sitting behind a computer screen and talking trash just to make yourself feel cool or powerful. 

If you had any talent or abilities you'd be posting your own shit rather than trolling other peoples work. 
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that is pretty dope. I wish I could still play Jeanne D'Arc on PSP.
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