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An Apple a Day!
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Why're all my fan art of Applestack (Applejack's cousin) being rejected since 2020? I never had any trouble getting them accepted here in the past! Has this group turned anti-OC or something?

Could you try re-sending the pictures.

I'll be happy to review them.

Is it my imagination or has group gone rather silent all off the sudden?

That is partially my fault. I have been quite busy in the new year, and thus managing the group has taken a backseat to IRL duties.

I have wished to get more mods in who are able to visit more regularly.

I will deactivate this account because I started it off with completely unrelated info and gmail No, I disagree! . I will resubmit my deviations through my new account later.
I made this MLP tribute video back in December 23, 2008. Thought I should share it before COPPA deletes everything in my YouTube account.…
Only 17 days left before YouTube Apocalypse.