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Necrophilic Necromancer II by Thorvrog Necrophilic Necromancer II :iconthorvrog:Thorvrog 101 9 Isa by joaoppereiraus Isa :iconjoaoppereiraus:joaoppereiraus 97 9 COMMISSION to FluffyButtPandaJunk from vulfdrek by phation COMMISSION to FluffyButtPandaJunk from vulfdrek :iconphation:phation 580 29
This Sleepover STINKS!!!
Author’s note: Awright ladies n gentlemen! This’ll be anotha request story and it’s for the homie :iconfartingking:. This do is real nice so uh, check ‘em out n’ stuh. So this story is gonna be about Amy, Blaze, Rouge, and Cream and they gonna be havin’ sleepovah. Based off my title you should know what kinda story this’ll be. So with that said, WITHOUT FUTHER ADO…. LET’S DO DIS SHIZNIT!!
1. What it do, it’s yo boi, yo brotha from anotha motha, Ado. Just wanna say thanks to the guys out there that really appreciates my work. It really does mean a lot, it helps me with my confidence in my writing and I’ll say this, it’s not very high. Hopefully that’ll change though.
2. One more thing, in this story, I’m gonna be writing like I used to with the multiple POVs and all that sheet, he asked for me to do that. So, if you don’t like that kinda writing well… Don’t read it, mmkay? If you’
:iconstellarcircle5:stellarcircle5 29 65
(commission) Frisk and Asriel
Frisk clutched her chest tightly, seething in pain. She was losing badly, and was slowly losing all the hope she had left of winning. Asriel leered over her, floating about 2 feet above the ground. He looked angry, confused, sad. Frisk had no idea how to get the other to calm down, especially at this point in their battle. She looked up at him, her eyes glinting innocently. He growled in response, sounding malicious.
“Please… Asriel…” Frisk coughed weakly. “I don’t want to fight!”
“Well I do.” Asriel hissed. He then lunged forward, his arms outstretched towards Frisk. She backed away, but was caught by him and thrown to the floor. She landed roughly on her back, slamming to the ground with a thud. Her head went spinning in circles, and for a split second, everything went pitch black. When frisk opened her eyes, she saw Asriel hovering above her, smirking triumphantly.
“Please, just let me go!” Frisk cried out.
:iconbreigar:breigar 36 1
Trent Birthday Pony by sakenskunk Trent Birthday Pony :iconsakenskunk:sakenskunk 15 0
The Sun and Moon are Harsh Mistresses (p. 1)
 Sunlight shined through the stained glass windows in golden, sparkling beams. Then, they slowly dimmed, fading to a meager, colorless glow in the windows. The court was silent, except for the ruckus, which was so loud it could be heard indistinctly from several chambers away. Indignant shouting, hooves clopping and dragging on the enameled stone tile, and the occasional whistle and pop of fireworks. The princesses waited until the imposing double doors leading into the court were thrown open.
“-an outrage! No! No! Get your filthy hooves off of Trixie!” the blue unicorn shouted as she thrashed around in the royal guards' grips. The armored unicorns on either side of her held a foreleg each, and doggedly carried her along into the court, trying hard to maintain their composure as she struggled, firing magical fireworks aimlessly in the air, her hind hooves scooting along the floor as she tried to stand her ground. When they had dragged her far enough, they simultaneousl
:iconpablotetoons:pablotetoons 32 5
Misse moment by SV-Spinny Misse moment :iconsv-spinny:SV-Spinny 17 26
Ice Bear and Chloe were hanging out together, playing video games. Of course, Ice bear was winning, because he was the master at them. Chloe of course, wasn't so happy with this.
After losing one more time, she threw the controller down. "Dang it! Why can't I win!"
"Ice bear is always victorius. Never lose. Friend has to pay up now."
Chloe just then remembered their bet. If he had won against her 5 times, he could do anything with her. She looked embarrassed and looked back at ice bear, kind of nervous.
Ice bear wasn't going to do anything horrible to his friend. That wouldn't be his nature. Though, he was in for a quick laugh as he saw something that his brother grizz did to panda that made him laugh.
He walked up to Chloe and turned her around, and picked her up.
"Wh-what are you doing?" She flailed her arms and legs around frantically.
He grabbed the back of her underwear and lifted it up high, hearing a big squeak coming from her mouth.
Chloe blushed immensely as she struggled even
:iconstrangekirby582:StrangeKirby582 9 5
Corn And Ham. by Virus-20 Corn And Ham. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 59 7 Chara farts on Frisk by KirbyTheBluestBlue Chara farts on Frisk :iconkirbythebluestblue:KirbyTheBluestBlue 48 14
Frisky's Stinky Sleepover
(If you do not like fart fetishes, Undertale, or the two mixed together, please leave now! This was requested by :iconAlarmingAnimations:, I hope he enjoys! Also, this story takes place chronologically just after the Frisk's Birthday Brawlers story, so read that if you need any understanding! otherwise, enjoy!)
Despite the embarrassing situation that MK and Azzy were found in when Frisk and Toriel got back from the store, the party that came afterward was still a blast, with those two pining boys and everyone else having fun enjoying snacks, drinking soda, and playing party games that brought everyone together- quite literally when it came to the ones like Twister. By the end of the party, everyone was tired and ready to go home, except for the people who already lived there like Frisk, Toriel and the Skelebros.
However, before Asriel and Monster Kid could go, Frisk gave a sweet deal to them: "Toriel says that the two of you can have a sleepover with me! You have a choice of either sle
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 34 9
Septuplets Wake Up Call (by Ryacail-Nightfox)
The skunk septuplets were eating dinner while Alex was sleeping on the couch. Ventus had cooked some tacos, pizza, and chili dogs.
“Dang Ven What you put in the chili dogs mate? My mouth!” Kasai exclaimed fanning his mouth and drinking some milk.
“I added a lot of red peppers to give it a kick.” Ventus said.
“Well it’s kicking me good. Hehe.” The others chuckled and continued eating for a while until they finished up with huge burps. Alex had heard them and smiled. Ryu pats on his belly and looks over to Alex.
“Man he’s really knocked out there.” Ryu said as he walked over to Alex, “Hey buddy.” Alex didn’t respond. Ryu tried shaking him but Alex was still asleep. Ryu chuckled and then did an evil smirk.
“Hey brothers.” He said as he gestured them to come. The brothers did as told and grouped with Ryu, “I have an idea. What do you say we do a little contest as a wake up call for Alex?”
:iconchatnoirfanboy:ChatNoirFanboy 11 7
Stinky Kitty
Kai and Ein was having a sleepover at Ein's house. The two slept in Ein's bed which was surprisingly big enough to fit the two males. Kai was having trouble falling asleep since he had eaten too much and now his stomach was keeping him awake. "Hey Ein." Kai whispered to the wolf on the other side of the bed who answered with a flick of his ears before the Meifwa continued his thought. "Do you think if I can get rid of my indigestion I would be able to sleep?" Kai asked not long after pulling the blankets over himself and Ein. The wolf shrugged turning away from Kai and fell asleep. Kai sighed as he watched his friend turn away and pull the blankets completely over himself falling asleep. Kai whined softly in pain rubbing his stomach. As he rubbed he slowly felt the pressure travel upwards until he let out a long belch. Kai groaned happily at the release and continued rubbing his stomach burping every few seconds while he rubbed. Soon Kai felt the pressure build up again. He thought he'
:iconchatnoirfanboy:ChatNoirFanboy 10 5
Roses never wilt by VAZ0R Roses never wilt :iconvaz0r:VAZ0R 182 23



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