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Finally finished my latest digital drawing! 
First time ever drawing a bunch of stuff! :P clouds, open wings... yeah that's about it haha.

Inspired by episode "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3". 

Poorly structured blabber:
I probably could have used a reference photo for the wings, buut i decided to see how they would turn out from memory :P
I'm sure there are are many things I've missed in this! But i just had to finish this and upload it otherwise i would have spent forever just endlessly adding to it :3 
I tried to be a bit more courageous with my shading this time, and I think it paid off... 
Just remember that it's important to draw on a canvas with a high enough resolution! Working with pixels isn't the best, not to mention you miss out on the details of the brush strokes.
I've always loved scenes like this and I've really wanted to get out of that 'Medium shot' type of drawing that i endlessly do to try and get faces right :P 
*cough* *cough*  

anyway! Thanks for Clicking on this Illustration and checkin' it out! Hope you guys like it :) 
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Wooooooow cooooooool its so awesome