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[Chai Chateau] Alexander Hartford



Name: Alexander Hartford
Nickname(s): Alexi, Alex, Lexi, Lex- anything!
Gender: Male
Age: 21 -> 22 -> 23
Birthday: He doesn't know his true birthday, so he celebrates on April 12th, the day he was taken in by Constantine. He views that as a day of rebirth for himself. His actual birth was somewhere in the winter of 1899.
Blood Type: O
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 225


Pokémon: Alcremie - Caramel Swirl with Ribbon Sweet
Ability: Sweet Veil: Prevents itself and ally Pokémon from falling asleep.
Nature: Jolly
- Draining Kiss
- Protect
- Endure
- Play Rough


Job: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single and always looking!
✔ Caring 
✔ Helpful
✔ Loyal 
✔ Gentle 
✔ Hard-Working
- Idealistic
- Curious 
- Emotional 
- Talkative
- Romantic
✖  Depressive 
✖  Impulsive 
✖  Materialistic 
✖  Forgetful 
✖  Avoidant 

Alexander has a fairly gentle nature at this point. When he was younger he was much more melancholy and quiet, often spending many mindless hours daydreaming as an escape from the monotony and hardship of daily life. This trait still partially carries over so many years later, and he’s prone to getting lost in his thoughts and daydreaming. He’s very curious by nature, and asks a lot of questions, even some that may seem as if they have obvious answers. He’s very kind and considerate when it comes to the people he loves, and once he’s bonded with someone, he’s extremely loyal to them. He has a lot of intuition for emotions and being caring toward others. When he’s not being silly, his underlying experience and perspective can be seen, cultivated from years living in hardship. Alexander is very hard-working, putting his best foot forward in all he does and striving to be helpful to both strangers and those close to him. Even amidst difficult situations, Alexander finds himself striving to be Idealistic, even when his past experience should indicate otherwise- a beacon of sunshine in a dark setting.

When upset, Lexi tends to fluctuate between closed off and very openly emotional. He can generally take a good amount of genuine emotional distress before it starts to show, while if things are more superficial, he’s prone to just whining about it. He will either express his frustration very dramatically or give the silent treatment, depending on badly he’s hurt. Even when his feelings are hurt, Alexander would rather pretend as if things aren't bothering him so deeply, as he tends to avoid conflict by nature, sometimes to the point of creating more personal distress than necessary. When he’s quiet and withdrawn, it's a sign he’s feeling genuinely depressed, and it sometimes manifests seemingly suddenly as an intensely depressive mood. 
Even if Alexander doesn’t show it, it makes him angry when people call him stupid. Often absent-minded, forgetful, and prone to getting lost, sometimes Lex gets panicky over the idea of someday not able to remember things anymore, fearing eventually his current loved ones now will be forgotten as his old family was, since he left them at such a young age. He really likes learning new things, and has a lot of useless fun facts stored away.

Lex can sometimes come across as somewhat materialistic; he very much cares about his physical possessions, and is pretty protective of certain objects. Lex especially adores beautiful foods, clothes, and scenery, and, very talkative, will go out of his way to tell you if there's something about you he likes! Ever since Constantine took him in, Alexander has been reveling in a life of luxury. Having never had even basic needs met, he He will spend stupid amounts of money on things like fancy dinners and perfumes, though he always makes sure what he’s buying is actually of a high quality. He loves living in the moment, now that life feels worth living! Though admittedly, this way of life has made him much more impulsive. He’s naturally very flirty and engaging with others, prone to being quite romantic, though this also makes him prone to getting his heart broken. 

Time Era: 1899 - early 1900s

History: Alexander was born in the winter of 1899 to a poor family in Wyndon within the Galar region. He never knew the exact date of his birth, and as an adult tries to pretend as if he was born in the Spring. He grew up amidst a number of siblings, two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger brother. His memories of his sisters are especially hazy. Due to his family's poverty, Alexander never went to school; while his mother tried to teach him lessons from home, it didn't last long, as working was deemed more important than education. Most nights were filled with hunger and cold, and the young Alexander was often left aching for more attention and food; a physical and emotional wanting. At the age of six he began running errands for shopkeepers and rich people who lived nearby, and at the age of eight Lexi left for Castelia City with two of his older brothers in hopes of a better life and better jobs. During the journey, Alex and his brothers all came down with an illness that swept the ship, and while Alexander and his eldest brother recovered, his middle brother did not, and died at sea. As a result, Alexander has a deep fear of disease, and gets anxious at the thought of falling ill and dying in terrible conditions. After arriving in the new region, Alexander and his oldest brother lived in a crowded apartment with distant relatives and spent countless hours working in dangerous and low-paying factory conditions. In between strikes and job issues, Lexi would sometimes help to sell newspapers or small goods on the street; whatever he could to try and help pay his way and earn some food. For years they sent whatever money they could spare back home, but never knew if it reached its destination. To cope with the long hours and monotony, Lexi would daydream almost constantly at work, getting lost in fantasies as a form of escape. During this time, he had an encounter with a mysterious and wealthy stranger. Noticing that the man had dropped a golden ring while pummeling some thugs, Alexander ran after him and returned it, despite the ring having an immense amount of value. The stranger's wealth and sense of power left a lasting mark on Lexi; he hoped to someday be like that. 

When Alexander was seventeen, his brother died as a result of injuries sustained in a factory fire, leaving him the only member of his immediate family in Unova. Without enough income, his distant cousins began to view him more as a burden, and angry and alone, Lexi decided to try and set out on his own. In the wake of his brother's death, he began doing more dangerous jobs away from a factory setting, including smuggling goods and stealing on behalf of others. Around age twenty, he got caught up in a dispute, stealing something from a rival gang on behalf of some contractors (unbeknownst to him). Caught in the act, Alexander knew his fate might be sealed; meddling in these affairs often ended in a bitter ending. He was a nobody who could easily be deposed of without anyone missing him. However, one of the group's leaders, Constantine, intervened on his behalf, recognizing him as the boy who returned his ring so many years ago. Constantine saw potential in Alexander, and felt a bit of a kinship with him as someone with no family left. He took in Lexi, giving him clothes, food, and a place to stay, and ever since then, Alexander has followed him loyally, viewing him as a father figure and the founding member of his new family. As Lex proved his loyalty and worth, Constantine took a great liking to him, and began to treat him more like a son than an underling. Alex had no issue with the violence and corruption that came with working as part of the gang; he had grown up accustomed to witnessing hardship first-hand. 

One night, while Constantine and Alexander were set up to meet with some correspondents, participating in some illicit smuggling of alcohol and other illicit goods, they were interrupted by the police, and promptly pursued.  Finding himself in a panic, Alexander jumped into the harbor and tried to evade detection. The waves were so rough- and Alex was not a good swimmer by any means! He did his best to hold out in the freezing water, waiting to be rescued by his father figure somehow. Constantine always helped him! Things would be alright! He did his best to daydream amidst the storm, relying on that coping mechanism to pass the time and persevere. When he woke up, Alexander found that instead of being in his bed, he was somewhere entirely unfamiliar..


Gacha Item Preference: "Why, Thank you kindly for thinkin' of me!"
✧ Most Loved Item: "What an amazing taste!! And such color! So wonderful!!"
 (62) Starbucks Unicorn Frappe 
✧ Liked Items:  "oh goodness! Thank you ever so much!"
 (10) s'mores kit, (46) 3 pack of glitter nailpolish, (57) 12-pack of assorted poffins, (100) Bath Bomb set, (137) Worm on a String! 
✧ Disliked Items: "uhhh...... thank you I suppose..?"
 (78) #1 Dad mug, (82) ghost pepper hot sauce, (90) Broken wristwatch, (145) Bird Skull, (151) Dumbbells
✧ Most Hated Item:  "...Take that away right now."
(28) Ship in a bottle 

✧ Trying new kinds of food, especially gourmet kinds! He'll make recipes on his own, but loves when others cook for him!
✧ Watching musical theater productions- and performing 
✧ Talking to people and just being social!
✧ Experimenting with makeup, hairstyles, and clothing styles
✧ Looking after animals and pets
✧ Taking walks and spending time outside where the air is clean- He likes to feed duckletts and swanna for fun!

 Lexi is a very good kisser!
 He can't read- He was never taught how to! But he'd like to learn someday -> He is learning!! He's fairly good at English now 
✧ Alexander has a pretty strong immune system, but when he does get sick it takes him completely out of commission (and scares him a lot)
 He loves getting pampered, but also loves seeing other people happy! He'll go out of his way to cheer someone up
 He has a bruise-ish mark on his forehead, mostly concealed by his bangs, a strange scar from a childhood injury. He prefers to keep it covered up to keep people from staring or worrying. 
Due to the lingering effects of the Alcremie spirit, Lexi  always smells a little like salted vanilla and caramel.
 While Alexander does like to accessorize, he finds that he's compelled to wear a bow every day. Getting dressed without it causes the Alcremie's spirit to be very restless, and he doesn't feel right until he puts a ribbon back into his hair.

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