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This page is abandoned. Feel free to download my shit and use it for whatever if you want to!

It's time to add some new shit and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of gum. Godspeed.
I tried to play some Portal 2. But it appears my computer is not going to run it, no matter what I try. And I've fucked up my HDD.

On the brighter side, I'll get a tablet. So probably there will be more stuff. Yay.
Update tiem! Now with moar colorings. Maybe these are somewhat better than the first ones. Who knows.

I'll be submitting finished projects here, and in the /co/mrade group as well. Hope you'll like them :)
Fuck yeah, I've finished uploading all of my stuff that doesn't look like crap. That much. I'll post new ones here as well.