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Clapping Pony Icon - Sunset Shimmer

So yeah, another clapping icon of the villain from EQG, Sunset Shimmer. After i did the Budderwing clapping icon, i have the idea to make a Sunset Shimmer clapping icon. So
the point is, i recoloured the Budderwing clapping icon and recoloured it into a Sunset Shimmer icon XD. Hope you like it ^^

Base by :icontaritoons:…
Sunset Shimmer belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
(P.S If you use this, PLEASE comment and say that you're gonna use it. And credit me on your DeviantID or on your tagline)
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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i used it thanks! 
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Your welcome!
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she's beautiful ^^sunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz Chibi Sunset Shimmer Icon Sunset Shimmer EqG (clapping) plz Sunset Shimmer EqG (transformation) plz sunset shimmer EqG 3 (see later) plz Sunset Shimmer EqG (cry) plz Sunset Shimmer EqG 3 (wut) Plz Sunset Shimmer Smiling Emotion. Sunset Shimmer EqG (wow) plz Sunset Shimmer EqG (run) plz sunset shimmer EqG 3 (...) plz Sunset Shimmer EqG (not taken again) plz Mystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Sunset Shimmer sunset shimmer icon Sunset Shimmer Emote Sunset Shimmer Numbskulls Emoticon. Sunset Shimmer Smirk Emoticon. Sunset Shimmer Hoof Gesturers Dazed Sunset Shimmer Icon Sunset x Aria PLZ Sunset Shimmer Thinking Base. Pony Sunset Shimmer Shocked Emoticon. Sunset Shimmer Chuckle :iconsunsethappyplz: MLP EQA Sunset Shimmer :iconsunsetshimmercrazyplz: Sunset Shimmer See Ya Later Sucker Emotion. :iconsunsetplz: Sunset Shimmer That Was Stupid Emoticon. :iconsunsetshimmersmugplz: :iconsunsetembarrassingplz: :iconsunsetbedeyeplz: Human Sunset Shimmer Puzzled Emoticon. :iconsunsetsadplz: :iconsunsetshimmersaluteplz: Sunset Shimmer Icon  
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I agree with you, i think she's very beautiful ^^
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I used this! I'll credit you =P (Razz) 
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Do you do requests? If so, can you do my Oc Paleohoof? I've got a picture, if she is not clear enough, I can make another one.
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I'm sorry, i don't do requests ^^;
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Okay. Anyone who dies do requests with clapping ponies?
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Can you do Paleohoof; my Oc pony? I can give a more clear picture if the one I have doesn't work.
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I'm alive and give me your OC.
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Can I use this? No? :)
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Of course you can :)
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Aw man, doesn't work
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